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The Omani artist, Zara Al Balushi, expressed her great annoyance at the comment of one of her followers on “Social Media”, who told her: “Your hair has become gray and you have missed the train of marriage and childbearing,” advising her to form a family as soon as possible; In order not to regret it too late.

Zara replied to her, explaining that gray hair appeared in her hair since she was 16 years old, noting that if she reached the age of 50 and did not find the right person, she would not marry, adding that she was satisfied with raising cats; Because she will get paid for it.

She explained that she refuses to compare marriage to a train, adding that if some insist on this analogy, “if the train is missed, they wait for the train that will come after it.”

She said: “I have a house and a family, my sister and her children and cats, so it is not a requirement that I get married in order to have a family.”

Zara Al Balushi had recently aroused the attention of followers, because of her second marriage, which did not last more than one month, after which she graduated, announcing that her second husband, Khaled Al-Qahtani, divorced her, and obtained from him a “Mercedes” car in exchange for her divorce.

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Al-Balushi was married twice: the first in 2014 to Saudi TV director Samir Aref, after his separation from his first wife. However, she separated after only one month of marriage.