Zacatecas: Armed group breaks into a bar in Jerez and takes a person | Warning: strong images

Early on Saturday morning, a group of heavily armed people entered a bar in the historic center of Jerez, Zacatecas and took a man by forceamid gunshots.

This was confirmed by the spokesperson for the State Peacebuilding Board in Zacatecas through its Facebook account, in which it explained that to cover his flight, the men detonated firearms and threw tire punches to evade security forces.

As a consequence of these metal artifacts, federal, state and municipal patrols were damaged.

A video circulated on social networks that would presumably correspond to the events. Newspaper versions reported the deprivation of liberty of three people, although the authority only confirmed one person.

The spokesperson reported that the State Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation folder for these factsIn addition, operations are carried out to locate the person who would have been deprived of his liberty and locate those responsible.

“It is important to note that until now There are no reports of injured or dead people as a result of this event,” he specified.

In addition, he assured that federal, state and municipal authorities They have intensified the tours and actions to deter crime in Jerez.

The fact is added to the report of various shootings early Saturday morning in the Zacatecas municipality, for which Social network users shared videos in which several shots are heard.

The spokesperson also reported that on Saturday afternoon, there were shots fired at people who were driving in a pick-up truck in the Community of Tacoaleche, in the municipality of Guadalupe.

“After the mobilization of security corporations, it was reported that a man was located who no longer had vital signs and two more people were injured, so they were transferred to receive medical attention, “he said.

The place was left in charge of experts and the Investigation Police, in order to carry out the corresponding proceedings.



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