Yrma Lydya case: Third person implicated in murder caught

A third involved in the homicide against the singer Yrma Lydya is wanted by the Attorney General’s Office of the Mexico City. obtained the images of the reception ofl restaurante Suntory dated June 23, the night the events were recorded.

The video captures another accomplice in the death of Yrma Lydya

At 8:25 p.m., a man dressed in a black vest and white shirt appears in the image.

is identified as Omar “N”who apparently works as an escort for lawyer Francisco “N”, the main suspect in the femicide.

In the video, Omar walks straight up to the receptionist., then turns to his right and heads out; In his left arm he carries a backpack, the authorities believe that inside him he carried the weapon that he later handed over to Francisco “N”.

At 8:26 p.m., Omar walks out through the reception, but 40 seconds later, when three shots were allegedly heard, he re-enters, this time together with Benjamín “N”, the driver.

And at 8:27 p.m., Omar is caught leaving once again, but this time running alone.

What about the accomplice?

The local Prosecutor’s Office has indications that Omar fled the scene aboard a red truck and that he went to one of the houses of the alleged murderer to leave the gun that was fired.

Last Thursday, June 30, Francisco “N” and Benjamín “N” were linked to the process for participating in the femicide of Yrma Lydya.

Until this Saturday, July 2, Omar, the third implicated, remains at large.



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