Youth Little Gimbap CEO Jang A-yeon appears as a special mentor on MBN’s ‘Open War’ |  Aju Economy

Youth Little Gimbap CEO Jang A-yeon appears as a special mentor on MBN’s ‘Open War’ | Aju Economy

Representative Jang A-yeon. [사진=청춘꼬마김밥]

On the 9th, Jang A-yeon, CEO of Shinhwa Youth Little Gimbap, which achieved 160 times daily sales, appeared as a mentor on MBN’s entertainment program ‘Birth of the President – Open War’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Open War’).

‘Open War’ is a start-up survival program in which 30 young people in their 20s and 30s who dream of starting a restaurant business risk 100 million won in start-up funds. Singer Tei will serve as MC, and four mentors from the restaurant industry, including Hong Seok-cheon, Kang Leo, and Jeong I-rang, will participate as judges.

The 7th episode, which aired on the 9th, was ‘4th Round Analysis War’, in which the 6 participants in the 4th round formed two teams and competed. This round was to evaluate the ability to analyze commercial districts. It was conducted by looking at the same map, analyzing commercial districts, setting sales menus and customer prices, and implementing virtual stores.

CEO Jang A-yeon is the person who created the current success story of the Youth Little Gimbap franchise by starting with daily sales of 30,000 won and achieving daily sales of 5 million won.

As a special mentor, CEO Jang confused the participants by asking them specific questions, such as whether they had calculated the menu material cost and cost ratio and whether they knew the unit price of the ingredients.

In the mission to create a virtual store, the company provided advice based on more than 15 years of store operation know-how, such as suggesting that the distance between tables be kept at a distance that is comfortable for people to move around.

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