Your whole life was a lie, one of his daughters told Silvestre

The story of Macarena Rodríguez, daughter of Silvestre

“I really, dad, hope you are happy because as you say, ‘you have everything’ -his Facebook letter is read verbatim-. You have your lady, your princess and your new album. Now you’re a soldier, now you love, now you sing to a decent woman, now you’re happy. Your whole life was a lie. And all your children, all of us, were part of that lie. And your grandchildren and all your marriages. What a pity that you have lived 56 years of a lie. I hope it doesn’t happen to me because it would be very sad. Dad, I loved you very much, you were my hero, my passion and my truth. Today you are nothing in my life, you are just a memory that hurts. I hope you’re happy, I really tell you, I hope you never hurt me or my brothers again. I hope I never miss you again, and I hope that the day you die your family is very close to you, because if you were to regret it for a second before dying, it could be the saddest day of your life. Don’t die sad, not alone. You don’t know the family you missed, dad“, the young woman wrote.

After a few days of publication, the young woman withdrew the letter. The letter contrasts with Macarena’s past affection for Silvestre. Apparently, the ties were broken when the actor made a play about his life in Mar del Plata, called “The Night of the Dragon” in which a young woman named Natalia Otero played her daughter. Otero and Silvestre would have fallen in love, and from that moment the actor would have moved away from his family.



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