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GPS tracking has not been available in series for all e-bikes for a long time. Vodafone is now bringing you the smart update with a new compact rear light. The “Vodafone Curve Bike” service provides you with a relatively inexpensive GPS tracker that is also useful in everyday life. The Vodafone Curve Bike is now available from Amazon.

GPS tracker from the internet provider

E-bike thieves are lurking everywhere, but technology is making it harder for them every day. Good e-bike locks help deter the thief, but they are not unbreakable either. Other early warning systems can help you track down e-bike thieves in the worst-case scenario. You can then locate your e-bike via GPS and find it again with the help of the police.

However, many GPS trackers currently available on the market require the additional purchase of a SIM card in order to send the location to your smartphone via the cellular network in the event of theft. Other models are difficult or rather noticeable to attach to the e-bike.

Vodafone is now bringing the solution to both problems on the market. As a network operator, the company will provide you with a suitable and reasonably priced contract. For the regular retail price of 169.90 euros (advance booking price currently 143,90 Euro) you can use your e-bike over 24 months locate. They are converted 7 euros per month (6 euros in advance sales) for a more peaceful sleep or more relaxed excursions.

Stylish and practical rear light included

But the price not only includes access to the cellular network, but also the tracker itself. With Vodafone, it is inconspicuously integrated in the Curve Bike rear light. The rear light looks sporty and simple and at first glance does not suggest any sophisticated GPS technology.

As with other modern smart lights, the Vodafone Curve Bike is also equipped with a motion sensor. The motion sensor is used in many taillights to make the LED shine brighter when you brake. The Curve Bike has another function: If your e-bike is moved without authorization, the system sounds the alarm and notifies you via app or phone call. About the Vodafone-App you can quickly find your e-bike on the map. The system works in over 100 countries.

The rear light can help you even without theft, because the motion sensor also acts as a Fall sensor. If you fall with your bike or e-bike, the system can inform selected contacts about the fall and your location in an emergency.

You can also use the app to collect route data with the rear light and record your own tours.

Vodafone GPS taillights are now available in stores

The rear light consists of a bracket, tracker and the actual rear light and fits smoothly and inconspicuously into any bike design. You can only loosen the bracket with a safety tool.

From the 7. June 2021 is the taillight in presale available at Amazon for a reduced price of 143.90 euros. The 24 months of tariff usage are included. If you want to purchase the tracker without a tariff, it currently costs you only 99.90 euros in advance sales. The monthly service fee is then 1.99 euros.