Your beauty routine lasts up to two hours

Mirror, mirror on the wall … Beatrice Egli likes to invest a few hours a day in her appearance.


the essentials in brief

  • Beatrice Egli can be fast, but also less fast.
  • Your beauty routine can last up to two hours.

If you want to be beautiful, you…

… in the case of hit star Beatrice Egli (34) just needs his time. How long? For hours.

The Schwyzerin revealed this in an interview. «(…) But if I take my time, I do everything in peace. Yoga, shower, make-up, have breakfast – that can take two hours, »says Beatrice Egli to «Bild».

Wow! Beatrice Egli shows her Corona workout. – Instagram/@beatrice_egli_official

Anyway, the “Full Risk” interpreter is doing well in sport. She was particularly taken with a round of yoga. “I actually often have my yoga mat with me when I travel and in the hotel,” reveals the powerful blonde.

«I love to get in touch with myself in the morning with a round of yoga. And to start the day completely grounded and full of energy.»

Can you take care of yourself for hours?

But Egli can also do it in no time! “(…) If I have to, I can leave the house 15 minutes later,” she says. But not without “snoozing” the alarm clock for a round beforehand.

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