Young man who wore the Mexican flag at graduation in the US finally receives his diploma

ASHEBORO, North Carolina.— A high school graduate from North Carolina He already has his diploma, after the furor that was generated in social networks by the Mexican flag that he wore during his graduation ceremony.

Ever Martínez López, 18, left Asheboro high school on Monday with the diploma in hand and showed it to a small group of people gathered, media outlets such as ABC11 and the Courier Tribune revealed, which released videos where he was sees him and his mother with the document, excited.

Ever received his diploma while outside the compound a press conference organized by the pro-immigrant organization Siembra NC was held, which was broadcast live on Facebook.

At the conference, Margarita López, Ever’s mother, said she wanted a solution on the diploma issue and a public apology. “What happened on Thursday is not just about my son, it’s about the entire Latino community,” he said in Spanish. “As parents, we are so proud that he is honored and proud of his roots, and of where he comes from.”

The press conference paused as Ever received her diploma from school. Then Ever came out to show it off and said it wasn’t just for him, but for the entire community that supported him.

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He explained that the director, Penny Crooks, told him that the dress code would be re-evaluated. Asked about how he felt when he saw the faces of his parents, who emigrated from Mexico, Ever said it meant everything to him.

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“They wanted this for me. As I said, I did it for them and I am very grateful to have him because I fought for him, they fought hard for him, and it means everything to me. “

A 68-second video from Thursday’s graduation ceremony shows Lopez taking the stage with the green, white and red flag on top of his gown. They handed him a diploma folder before he reached Principal Crooks.

López appears to be trying to remove the flag before walking off the stage without the diploma in his hands.

The Asheboro school district said in a statement released Friday that Lopez violated part of the graduation dress code that prohibits flag-bearing, but that did not contain the controversy that was generated on social media.

Crooks received death threats and someone threatened to shoot the institution if they did not give him his diploma. Lopez’s family tried to meet with school officials to clarify the situation.

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Lopez’s advocates gathered at the school Monday, as some unmarked Asheboro police vehicles were parked nearby in response to the threats.

WFMY television reported that the police increased the number of patrols around the school and in the neighborhood where the principal lives. The family held a press conference and entered the institution to speak with the directors before López left with the diploma.

Lopez said that while she appreciated the support she has received, the threats against the director should stop.

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“If you’re going to email him or say something, at least put the threatening things aside,” he said. “I just feel like they should respect her even if she’s done something wrong, you know?”

Lopez said he carried the flag as a token of his pride in his Mexican roots. He said he is the first member of his immediate family to graduate from high school. “The flag means everything to me and my family because it is what is in our blood,” the young man had told The New York Times. “It’s where we come from and I would do everything to represent it.”

A petition on calling for Ever to be awarded the diploma had received more than 102,000 signatures as of Monday.



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