Young man receives a fake 50-peso bill with the face of Juan Gabriel!

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Mexico City / 11.05.2022 10:36:34


A young man was surprised on social networks by sharing his story in which he received a fake 50-peso bill, since he has the face of John Gabriel.

Jose maria morelos and pavon He is the one who looks on the tickets of that nomination, so it was a great surprise that this person had.

“They just gave me a fake ticket, all for not checking it at the moment; according to me, I’m checking it right now, its little windows, its butterflies and when I turn it over… don’t suck, this dude is Juan Gabriel!” he mentions in the video of TikTok.

And it is that the banknotes in Mexico have security elements, but it did not seem false, until he saw the detail of the face.

In the reactions of the users it is read that they propose to buy it for 200 or 300 pesosso several people told him that that counterfeit bill is worth more than 50 pesos.

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