The young man who died in a traffic accident in Florida early this Friday morning was 25 years old, after colliding with some cement barriers.

one person died after colliding his car with some concrete barriers in Florida.

The situation occurred at dawn in Santa Raquel with José Miguel Carrera, where a 25 year old was driving in his vehicle.

Apparently, the driver would not have noticed that on the road there were some “new jersey” barriers because work was done. This led to him colliding with them, which caused his death on the spot.

The captain of the Carabineros, César Bustamante, pointed out that the victim was speeding.

In addition, it is investigated whether or not the young man used seat belt.

Relatives denounced that, at night, the cement blocks are not properly marked with lights, which would have led to the accident.

Given this, they did not rule out presenting a complaint.