Young man dies and another is in serious condition after falling in Boca do Inferno in Cascais

A 22-year-old died this Saturday after falling into the sea near Boca do Inferno, in Cascais, Lisbon district, where he was accompanied by his brother, who was in serious condition, the National Maritime Authority (AMN) told Lusa.

“One managed to get out by his own means, the other was picked up by the lifeboat, was transported to the Cascais Marina. It was made cardiac massage throughout the journey and then resuscitation was performed at the marina, with INEM [Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica] and the firefighters, but then death was declared”, said commander José Sousa Luís, spokesman and public relations officer for the AMN.

The two brothers are from Moldovan nationalitysaid the commander of the AMN, referring that if does not know for now the age of the young man who survived, transported to Cascais hospital “in a state of shock”.

Not knowing the circumstances of the incident, the AMN spokesperson added that the victim who died was taken from the sea “in a very serious condition” and “it would have been drowning at the outset”, but it will be through the autopsy by the Institute of Legal Medicine that there will be confirmation of the causes of death.

A source from the Lisbon District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) told Lusa that it was a “a fall in Boca do Inferno” (a rocky area known for frequently registering strong waves), confirming a fatality and a serious injury taken to Cascais hospital, no more information about both.

The alert was at 15:23 and the occurrence mobilized “four vehicles, two vessels and 15 operational”, said the CDOS.

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