Young digital economy advisory board calls for start-up reporting

AUs of the time when the FDP politician Philipp Rösler was Federal Minister of Economics, not much is remembered. However, one of his official acts from 2013 is attracting undreamt-of attention: the establishment of the “Young Digital Economy” advisory board, which is supposed to advise the Federal Ministry of Economics on digital issues. This advisory board did not attract much attention for a long time, but that has now changed suddenly. In a list of demands, three members of the committee have outlined what they believe politicians should do to encourage young companies to go public. These are suggestions that suggest that the basic democratic understanding of some founders can still be expanded.

Specifically, it calls for “ensuring balanced reporting on IPOs by issuing rules to avoid unilaterally defamatory articles that have spread among financial editors as regular IPO and new economy bashing”. In order to ensure this goal, the authors bring the “obligation of the press to report on small IPOs (otherwise the big media will fall through the cracks)” into play. This is followed by the request to “discipline the press to provide factual, correct and complete information, reinforced by the obligation to immediately reply in the event of misinformation”.

Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier

Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier

Image: dpa

The fact that the position papers of the committee do not seem to have a particularly high priority in the ministry was shown on Monday evening by the reaction of Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), when the paper, published in April after a report by the Handelsblatt on the short message service Twitter, caused a sensation. “The position paper (…) was just as unknown to me as its publication on the homepage,” wrote Altmaier. He ordered the paper to be removed immediately. In fact, only an error message appeared on Tuesday under the corresponding link.

The Federal Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) welcomed Altmaier’s reaction. The advisory board itself is now trying to limit the damage. In a statement he writes: Freedom of the press is “a fundamental right. Of course, this also applies to reporting on IPOs. We apologize for the fact that our position paper gave a different impression. ”The paragraphs formulated there would not correspond to the position of the advisory board. “We distance ourselves from it clearly.”


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