Young 18-year-old model dies after contracting Covid-19

Since the sessions began mass immunization against Covid-19 internationally, the mortality rate has been reduced considerably, despite the increase in infections or the appearance of new variants.

However, they are still registering cases of people who have had to be hospitalized or even Have they died for complications from this illness, Although they are isolated cases, the health authorities have mentioned that they are important Numbers, since, those figures represent more than just amounts.

This is what happened to Valentina Boscardin, a young brazilian 18 years that in recent weeks she had to be admitted to a hospital because she needed to receive intensive care after becoming infected with the new coronavirus. After being under observation, the past january 9 passed away for complications.


His mother Marcia Boscardin, who is a television presenter, was in charge of share the news in their social networks; she explained that her daughter already had both doses of the vaccine, But that did not prevent the virus from ending his life.

“Mourning, it is with great pain that I say goodbye to the love of my life. Goodbye, may God receive you with open arms… My daughter, I will love you forever. An angel goes up to heaven,” he said on his official Instagram account.

She stated that after complicate treatment of Valentina, developed a picture of thrombosis and pneumonia, that is, the air sacs of his lungs were inflamed by an infection, this caused them to fill with harmful fluids.

Also, he said that the doctors of the Saint Paul Hospital told him that after carrying out several studies did not find any comorbidity to place her within the population at risk; was not overweight, had diabetes, or had cardiovascular disease, in addition, she was never diagnosed with any type of cancer no neurological or renal diseases.

Her family said that Valentina worked as a model in the agency Ford Models, before getting infected, she was about to take her career to the international catwalks. His plans were to follow in the footsteps of his mother who collaborated with Givenchy, Christian Dior, Valentino y Armani.



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