Looking forward to an ever closer launch, set for Tuesday 19 October at 7 pm, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are again unveiled by @evleaks, which this time shows us the two smartphones in two different colors for each.

The thing that stands out the most is the bumper posterior, which, literally, “stands out“, especially in profile images. Keep in mind that the effect is quite accentuated due to the image itself and its angle, but it is still evident that that long rear stripe for the cameras will certainly not appear flat in profile.

Being though uniform, at least the smartphone will not wobble if placed on a plane.

For the rest there is a certain difference in frames (more pronounced on Pixel 6) between the two models, while as regards the colors it seems that all the models portrayed have a back cover opaque, but we are not entirely sure that this will be the case. Note, however, that a color is missing for each: coral Pixel 6 e gold Pixel 6 Pro they are in fact absent, a sign that perhaps they will not be available on all markets.

But then again, since Italy it will be excluded a priori, it is not a problem that concerns us strictly.

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