You won’t believe the sexy appearance of the most beautiful Saudi wife…She stormed the Forgiveness Karim program on MBC…and made George Qardahi and the audience stunned and shocked.! ! (video)

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In recent days, George Kordahi has been the subject of search engines, as George Kordahi was known as a broadcaster on mbc1 channel on the program Who Will Be Winning a Million

He also worked as a broadcaster on the Forgiving Karim program, which gained great fame in the Arab world, and the Forgiveness Karim program channel was published on YouTube, one of the episodes of the program presented by the famous broadcaster George Qardahi.

The episode, which was monitored by the “Voice of the Expatriates” website, was titled: “The most beautiful Saudi wife made George Qardahi and the Republican in a state of astonishment in the most wonderful episodes of Forgiving Karim.

The episode included many sublime and wonderful meanings of the meaning of the wife who expresses her thanks and gratitude to her husband.

This is what he did for her, as he was an example of a person who supports women in a society that refuses to advance her talent

The episode was a request from the wife, because she saw a few thanks in the house for him, and the whole world should see and hear her thanks to him.



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