You will not believe who is the grandmother of the young artist Nour Khaled Al-Nabawi..a famous actress and star of the series I will not live in my father’s will not believe who she is? (picture)

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Awatef Helmy, the able Egyptian artist, revealed her relationship with the young actor Nour Khaled Al-Nabawi for the first time, in her latest media appearance, and she spoke about her relationship with him and revealed her opinion about his performance and his entry into the field of acting.

The able artist, Awatef Helmy, was a guest on the “Nass Al-Hadota” program, in her latest media appearance after a long absence, and surprised the audience in her speech by revealing her kinship with the young artist Nour Khaled Al-Nabawi, who is her grandson from her daughter, who was the first wife of the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi. In her meeting, she spoke about the strength of her relationship with her grandson and praised him, and expressed her great love for him and her attachment to him as well, and revealed several funny situations between them.

The artist, Awatef Helmy, spoke about her grandson Nour Khaled Al-Nabawi’s artistic performance after his recent professionalism, and said that she did not agree with his direction of acting because she pity him from the troubles of the acting profession, which the ordinary audience does not know.

And she said: “By God, I did not want him, because this is a difficult journey, and this path is difficult, and people think that it is easy and they get money.. This road is difficult, one has to carve into the rock to get out, it is not easy, so I didn’t want it.”

The artist, Awatef Helmy, participated in many dramatic and cinematic works, and among the most prominent series in which she participated, I will not live in my father’s gown.



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