You will not believe what is the profession of the artist’s mother, Mohamed Ramadan.. and the surprise about the work of his sister Iman.!

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, has a distinctive look and has millions of fans, despite some disputes about the quality of art.

Which he presents, so his films and series always raise controversy, and he received sharp criticism from the public, especially during his first film appearance, he graduated from Ain Shams University and embarked on his difficult journey to a world of fame, and with his determination and determination, he was able to overcome his difficult circumstances and prove that he has A special ability and talent for theatre.

He started in small supporting roles and then quickly achieved great success through the many films and series he presented in recent years, where he played different characters and excelled in portraying different roles, although he did not have a long career, but today he is considered one of the most famous Egyptian and Arab artists.

And Muhammad Ramadan had previously published a video clip of his sister Iman on his official Facebook page, while speaking on the “Doctor of Life” program, to present his works that astonished his followers. And her work appeared as an expert in honey, the matter.

Which prompted some activists on Facebook to mock her work, and they found a strange job, which they had never heard of.



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