You will not believe how much Ahmed Makki was paid in the series “Al Kabeer Away 6”! A huge number that is beyond imagination and reasonable!!

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Since the start of the drama marathon for the month of Ramadan 2022 until now, there has been no interruption to talk about the wages of artists in competing dramas.

The Egyptian drama fought the Ramadan 2022 race, with a large number of series, and critics believe that it represents the most productive this year, and the number of works participating in the new season reached 36 series.

What is remarkable about the Ramadan 2022 drama race is the presence of most of the stars of the first row, which intensified the competition, and aroused the public’s passion to know the wages of artists in Ramadan 2022.

Among the most prominent stars of the first row, who received a large wage in the Ramadan 2022 series, is the artist Amir Karara, whose wages for the series “Returnees” amounted to 28 million Egyptian pounds, while Ahmed Makki received a wage of 18 million for the series “The Big Oy 6”.

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