You realize yourself before it is too late.. If these signs appear on your feet, they alert you of the presence of a malignant tumor in the brain,, Get to know them now.!

Cancerous tumors are one of the most dangerous diseases that affect humans and affect them until they lead to their death, but at first the growth of these cancer cells destroys the body.

And if the disease is in its infancy, in this case it is possible that the patient does not pay attention to this thing and does all his work while he is completely ignorant of this disease

but this makes the disease penetrate the body more until it destroys it completely and eliminates it completely, and we will show you some of the symptoms that are associated with brain cancer.

Symptoms that appear in the feet and are a sign of brain cancer

There are some signs that appear on the feet of a person with cancer, which we will explain as follows:-

When numbness occurs in the people or the feeling of a needle prick, this is a sign of cancer, and sometimes not, and it is possible that this numbness is due to a lack of a certain mineral or vitamin inside the body.

When the weight is significantly reduced, this is also a sign of cancer. Vision is difficult and then is lost permanently.

Complete lack of focus and thinking. Constant feeling of stress and anxiety. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. How to prevent cancer

In order to protect ourselves from Alzheimer’s disease, we must do the following:

In the event that there is a person in the family who has this disease, procedures and examinations must be carried out on a permanent basis in order to be reassured. Avoid exposure to radiation because it is one of the causes that causes cancer.

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Continuous attention to the symptoms of the disease and if they appear, you should immediately go to the doctor.

Avoid eating fatty foods and external canned goods. Eat meals that contain few calories. Attention to the health of the body in general. Not being overweight or obese.



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