I have bad news for all Switch gamers who planned to switch from the Nintendo version of Monster Hunter Rise to the PC version. In that case, it seems you will have to start over.

And that’s not all, unfortunately. Even if you thought you could continue playing the title on your PC with Switch friends, you might be disappointed.

Monster Hunter Rise on PC without cross-saves and cross-play

Capcom has now confirmed on Twitter that there will be no cross saves or cross play with the Switch version for Monster Hunter Rise on PC. This comes from a tweet by the company.

“We heard your requests about cross-save / cross-play for Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak, but after checking that during development, it turned out that unfortunately we can’t implement it this time.

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This is particularly disappointing because Capcom recently conducted a survey to find out what could make a PC version more interesting, and because exactly these features were available as answers.

The game will probably be very successful again, according to Statista.com, it last sold 7.5 million units on the Switch. Therefore, it is primarily technical or legal problems that are responsible for the absence of the features.

Those: Statista.com

Still a bitter pill that fans should swallow now. The first are outraged on Twitter and speculate what the reason could be.

User Slaking assumes, for example, that Nintendo is not releasing the memory files for a port. Then the question arises Adam Andersonwhy an indie like Supergiant effortlessly transported the Hades scores (which, however, was first on the PC – and there on Epic), whereupon another user named Pumpkin Spice Otte should be noted that Steam may also have played a role. Above all, he considers it difficult when microtransactions can be carried out on other platforms in a title and the other platform is then not involved.

But these are all internal matters that we will not get any information about anytime soon – unless Capcom comes up with more information.

It’s all more than a shame, because Monster Hunter Rise is a cool game – and with the release of Sunbreak this summer – trailer below – it should get a lot more attractive. Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC on January 12th, with support for 4K and high frame rates. When it came out on the Switch, Benjamin was pretty excited about it.

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