“You have to get off your pedestal, be humble and ask for a job”: The humiliating end of Raúl Velasco when he lost the program “Always on Sunday” | Television | Entertainment

The iconic host of television, Raul Velasco He assured at the time that he had to knock on different doors to try to return to stardom once his successful program “Always on Sunday” ended.

However, this task was not easy at all, because nobody wanted to give him the opportunity to return to the small screen, and the same animator came to describe that stage of his life as something quite humiliating, after being in charge for 28 years in a production that marked its mark in Latin America.

When was the last broadcast of the Raúl Velasco program

According to the Heraldo de Mexico, the decline of Velasco’s program began in the early 1990s, when the Mexican presenter had medical problems that affected his Health.

Because of this, Raúl included Rebecca de Albaand his daughter Karina as part of the team that would be in charge of the presentations, but this decision affected him in terms of his role, and his absences in “Siempre en Domingo” were noted.

This remained so for almost 8 years, until on April 19, 1998, the last broadcast of the program was broadcast. entertainment.

Raúl Velasco and the consequences of unemployment

After “Siempre en Domingo” went off the air, Raúl Velasco came face to face with the unemploymentand according to himself, he confessed that he lived through an extremely complicated stage because he had to forget about his ego to ask for new opportunities in different places and thus try to return to television.

You have to get off your pedestal, be humble and ask for a job, it’s horrible that after being who you are, having done what you’ve done, you arrive and say ‘hey, I need a job’ and they tell you ‘you know what, in right now, let me see what we can do.’

Raul Velasco

Unfortunately, Velasco could not return to television, and according to what some of the driver’s friends say, Raúl was in depression for some time due to this situation. However, he was able to recover and did some radiowrote books and devoted himself to his family.

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Years later they paid tribute to him on television, a few months before his death in 2006. (E)

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