You can play Stray with your own cat as the protagonist thanks to a modder

NorskPL already has a waiting list for user requests to make changes to the game.

Stray has been, without any doubt, one of the most outstanding releases of the month of July. The title of BlueTwelve Studio It invites us to put ourselves in the shoes of a cat to live an adventure in a cyberpunk world but, beyond the base experience, some players are pulling their imaginations and adding different mods to the game.

One of the most popular has gained in recent days is the NorskPL. Well, more specifically LOS by NorskPL, because it is a modder that carries out different modifications for play with our own cat as the protagonist of Straysomething that has caught the attention of many players.

has been overwhelmed by requestsSo much so that, although several examples of modified cats are available on NexusMods for free download, currently the modder has been overwhelmed by requests and now it offers in its Ko-fi profile the possibility of making custom mods in exchange for a variable price that depends on the complexity of the mod and the cat itself.

stray image

As of today, the modder has a waiting list with an average of two weeks, so if you want to play with your own cat and trust NorskPL’s skills, you’ll have to wait a few days to live the mysterious adventure at the controls of our favorite feline.

In addition to being widely played on PlayStation for being part of the PS Plus Extra catalog, the BlueTwelve title is also being a success on Steam in terms of players and ratings. It is not for less, since it is about one of the most endearing proposals of the yearas our colleague Alejandro Pascual highlighted in his analysis of Stray.

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