You can now watch more than 80 DTT channels free of charge and from an app

The Tivify streaming app gets a new free subscription for those who want to play TV without having to pay a subscription: the new plan is now available Free by Tivify. With it, more than 80 free-to-air channels can be played, it is suitable for recording some of these channels and it even allows you to go back in the broadcasts.

Watching TV on your mobile is an action that may seem complex given the device; And that ends up being simple thanks to the apps (or thanks to the web, that you don’t have to install anything to watch the channels). The general media have their own mobile applications. In addition, we have apps like Tivify at our fingertips; what offer the entire grill at the touch of a button. Do you like the platform but are not interested in paying to see it? Well now you don’t have to.

Tivify expands its subscription plans: Free, Plus and Premium

Until now, we could access the benefits of the platform from a single subscription, that of 4.99 euros. This offered access to the reproduction of live channels, allowed to record TV programs, access the last seven days of programming and even had some channels premium. This is maintained in the new Tivify Plus plan; with a drop in features for the new free subscription.

Comparison of the television of Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, Virgin and others: channels, price and advantages

As we can see on the Tivify page, the platform already has access to TV channels available at no cost. Live playback is maintained for the more than 80 general channels, Tivify does not reduce the resolution of streaming and does not insert ads to free users.

As more noticeable differences between the plan Plus and the Free, Tivify removes channels listed as premium, restricts hours of recording, channels that can be recorded and days that recordings remain accessible. Linked devices are also dropping: from five to three (and from two to one simultaneous view per account). Beyond here, those who want to watch TV on their mobile, tablet or Android TV without paying a penny, and without needing several applications installed (the usual is one for each medium), will find one of the best options in Tivify.

Tivify Free

Tivify free does not allow you to record most of the channels, only those of RTVE

We have tested the free account and, beyond the differences that we have detailed, the experience it shows It is the same as the one we have been experiencing for a year with the subscription. High quality streaming, without interruptions, immediate access to the channels’ direct, option to pause the playback and / or jump to the beginning of the program, EPG and all Tivify recommendations on the cover.

The pure and simple experience of accessing the DTT channels live does not imply differences between the Free plan and the Plus plan

If you have not tried Tivify yet, and you are interested in having all the TV on your mobile, tablet or Android TV, we recommend that you give it a try: free access lets you watch all the general, regional and local channels with high quality. And if you create a new account, you will get a month of Tivify Premium.



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