You can mute messages during WhatsApp calls

Being essentially a service of Messenger service snapshotthe company WhatsApp which belongs to Meta -formerly known as Facebook– beside Instagram has been extended to offer its customers a much more diverse and enriched user experience after each update of its software with new features and functions that have already been incorporated into traditional text messages, now voice notes, photos and videos, in addition to of emojis, stickers and States that complement this application.

One of the changes expected for the new version of the popular communication application -remember that it is the most widely used in the world and its leadership in its own segment is unquestionable- are improvements in the voice, individual and group.

The expected setting is that during the calls through WhatsApp you can mute incoming messagesas well as being able to send chat elements to some of the participants of the call in progress, among other modifications that also include a window that indicates the name and profile photo of the person with whom you are in communication.

These advances have been shared by the company through a message from the official WhatsApp account on Twitter, increasing the reliability of this message the additional publication of Will Cathchart who is responsible for the app.

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In addition to clues about the improvements that are on the way in terms of calls, he shared more graphic details of what these options would look like already incorporated into the application.

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Although they are more than rumors since it is company personnel who are revealing these details, there is still no official announcement with the in-depth details of the new version or if these changes will be seen in the original application for smartphones or also in the versions for computers with the digital platforms of WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop, but at the moment the clues suggest that it would be a change only for smartphones for now.

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