Looking for a great Google Nest deal during Black Friday? Then you’re with Android Planet at the right place. You can now score the Google Nest Hub, Nest Mini or Google Nest Audio for an interesting price.

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In our Black Friday deals overview you will find offers during this period full of discounts on all kinds of products. So quickly check if you can still find a top deal there. However, if you are looking for a product from the Google Nest series, read on.

Google Nest Black Friday offers: everything in a row

You will also score the best deals on all kinds of smart equipment from Google in the coming days. The range of the search giant is constantly expanding. There are of course the smart speakers, but also the Nest Hub, which even has a screen. There are also devices such as smart cameras and doorbells. You can read here where you score the best deal.

1. Google Nest Mini: now for 25 euros

Would you like to enjoy excellent sound or see what you can do with the Google Assistant? Thanks to the smart and affordable Google Nest Mini, that’s no problem. You can pick it up for a few bucks and linking copies together is easy and quick. That’s why it might be a good idea to buy more than one.

So you have a smart helper in every room in your home or office. You operate the device with voice commands, but you can also use a telephone, tablet or computer. This way you can stream the coolest music from Spotify, YouTube Music or simply enjoy Mariah Carey on the radio.

  • Google Nest Mini: by €59,99 for € 24.99 – Albert Heijn
  • Google Nest Mini: by €68,00 for € 27.00 – Accessmarket
  • Google Nest Mini: by €39,00 for € 29.00 – Media market
  • Google Nest Mini: by €37,95 for €32.95 – Belsimpel
  • Google Nest Mini: by €59,99 for € 35.00 – coolblue

2. Google Nest Hub: now for 55 euros

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) is a smart helper for any household or office. You can enjoy music optimally via the built-in speaker, but the device also has a screen. You can stream all kinds of content there from, for example, YouTube or Netflix. Thanks to a handy radar chip, you can operate it with hand movements, which is handy in the kitchen, for example.

This way you can easily wipe through recipes while you have dirty hands. It can also keep track of your sleep and provides an extensive analysis of your sleeping behavior every day. Please note that this data can be viewed free of charge until the end of the year: from 2022 you will have to pay for this monthly.

  • Google Nest Hub: by € 93,99 for € 55.00 – Media market
  • Google Nest Hub: by € 99,99 for € 55.00 – tink
  • Google Nest Hub: by € 99,95 for € 58.95 – Mobiel.nl
  • Google Nest Hub: by € 93,00 for € 64.00 – coolblue
  • Google Nest Hub (+Google Nest Mini): by € 158,99 for €69.95 – tink
  • Google Nest Hub (+ Google Chromecast): by € 138,00 for € 77.00 – Media market
  • Google Nest Hub: by € 99,00 for € 77.00 – Accessmarket
  • Google Nest Hub: (+ JBL Link): by € 239,99 for € 149.00 – Media market
Google Nest Camera

3. Google Nest Camera: now for 169 euros

As mentioned, Google offers all kinds of smart equipment and the Nest Camera is also part of this. However, there are several models for sale in different price ranges. We looked at the Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery), which normally costs 199 euros. If you’re looking for an affordable form of security, the Nest Cam is definitely worth a look.

  • Google Nest Camera indoor: by € 99,00 for € 99.00 – coolblue
  • Google Nest Camera outdoor: by € 199,00 for € 169.00 – Bol.com
  • Google Nest Camera outdoor: by € 199,00 for € 169.00 – coolblue
  • Google Nest Camera outdoor: by € 199,00 for € 169.00 – Wehkamp
  • Google Nest Camera (+ Google Nest Mini): by € 258,99 for € 169.00 – tink
  • Google Nest Camera outdoor: by € 199,00 for € 169.00 – Alternate

4. Google Nest Doorbell: now for 169 euros

In addition to smart audio equipment, screens or cameras, Google offers a lot more. For example, there is the smart Google Nest Doorbell. Installing it is easy and then you always know who is at the door.

The built-in camera shows this easily and talking via the microphone and speaker is no problem at all. Handy, for example, to give directions to the parcel deliverer when you are not at home.

  • Google Nest Doorbell: by € 239,00 for € 169.00 – Media market
  • Google Nest Doorbell: by € 239,00 for € 169.00 – Bol.com
  • Google Nest Doorbell (+ Google Nest Mini): by € 299,98 for € 169.00 – tink
  • Google Nest Doorbell: by € 199,00 for € 179.00 – Wehkamp
  • Google Nest Doorbell: by € 279,00 for € 179.00 – Alternate

5. Google Nest Audio (now for 59 euros)

Looking for the best speaker from Google? Then you arrive at the Nest Audio. The built-in speakers and tweeters have been improved, making sound even better than ever before. Of course you can also summon the digital butler with this device. For example, you can use the Google Assistant to look up something on the internet, to hear about the route to work or as a timer or alarm clock. Making a real speaker group with multiple Nest Audios or, for example, a Nest Mini or Nest Hub is also no problem.

  • Google Nest Audio: by € 91,39 for € 59.00 – Wehkamp
  • Google Nest Audio: by € 91,39 for € 59.00 – Media market
  • Google Nest Audio: by € 99,95 for € 59.00 – Bol.com
  • Google Nest Audio: by € 99,95 for € 59.00 – Mobiel.nl
  • Google Nest Audio: by € 99,00 for € 69.00 – coolblue

Other Google Nest products

You can also get other Google products for less during Black Friday 2021. For example, there are still smart thermostats and smoke detectors.

  • Google Nest front door security set: by € 499,97 for € 338.00 – tink
  • Nest Learning Thermostat V3: by € 249,00 for € 179.00 – coolblue
  • Google Nest Wifi Duo Pack: by € 259,00 for € 199.00 – coolblue
  • Google Nest Protect Wired rookmelder: by € 129,00 for € 119.00 – Alternate

Didn’t find the offer you were looking for? You will find even more deals in the overviews below. We have collected all the shops that participate in Black Friday. In addition, there is of course our overview of electronics deals per category.

The prices of the above products have been submitted to us prematurely by the partner. The partner may make adjustments to this during the actual Black Friday period. We therefore do our best to anticipate this as soon as possible, to show you the right deal.

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