You can burn up to 3,000 calories without exercising

The countdown to summer is now in full swing and if many are focusing on relaxation holidays they promise, many instead think of the other side of the coin: the so-called costume fitting. And you don’t necessarily have to go to the beach to face it … The clothes become lighter and you discover more shapes even in the city, so the run-up to get in line and dispose of the chiletti accumulated during the winter becomes a priority.

But those who do not like sweating in the gym or making too many sacrifices at the table should not throw in the towel because, as many studies claim, there is a very valid alternative. That is, to dedicate oneself to Houseworks. So, let’s arm ourselves with vacuum cleaners, cloths and everything else it takes to burn up to 3mila calorie without doing any physical exercise. Well yes, dedicating yourself to house cleaning has a double positive aspect: in addition to the satisfaction of a healthy environment, our body will also benefit from it.

Research reported by the overseas portal claims that an adult can burn 2,690 calories every week only by devoting himself to household chores. If you compare it to the year, we even reach 139,898 calories in twelve months. The subject of the study was more than two thousand adults who routinely dedicate themselves to cleaning their home more than once within a week. The same spend an average of thirty hours a year dealing with ironing.

So let’s get to a few numbers: sweeping the floor for ten minutes would burn 37 calories as much as vacuuming. For an annual total that reaches almost 9 thousand calories. It then rises to about 50 calories burned with twenty minutes of ironing the clothes while the same time taken to wash the laundry says goodbye to 42 calories. From the study, then, it emerges that making the beds, for about ten minutes of activity, requires 23 calories and about 26 would be those required to wash the dishes.

The total, for 1 hour and ten minutes of home commitments, brings 215 calories. And for those who love the gardening, 142 calories burned in 38 minutes outdoors. A real cure-all for mind and body.



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