“You are garbage!”  : Braine-l'Alleud's shock campaign against the authors of illegal dumping

“You are garbage!” : Braine-l'Alleud's shock campaign against the authors of illegal dumping


“You are garbage!” The words are strong and they will be available over the next few days on a dozen panels placed in Braine-l’Alleud, where municipal workers must intervene regularly to remove illegal waste deposits.

The new prevention campaign carried out by the brainoises authorities against incivility in terms of public cleanliness is reminiscent of a first experience, dating from 2008, and which caused a stir. “Who is this bastard?” then asked the posters. At the time, the slogan had earned the Commune a complaint to the Jury of Advertising Ethics, which had however considered that the word bastard was not likely to shock the majority of the public. And finally, Braine-l’Alleud had received a prize, in France, for this rather daring campaign.

This year, the slogan, “You be garbage”is still just as strong, but it is slightly nuanced later in the text printed in smaller characters: “If you take this place for a trash can”.

The Alderman for Cleanliness, Henri Detandt, explains that in 2022, “We collected 32 tons of litter. It’s a fairly stable figure, unfortunately. We would like to reduce it because this incivility is paid by the community, in this case €7,000, without count the wages of the men, nor the cost of the truck…”

For the alderman, these behaviors are all the more unbearable as the price of a garbage bag in Braine, €14 for 10 bags of 60 liters or 20 bags of 30 liters, is among the cheapest in Walloon Brabant. The first two cubic meters of bulky items are taken care of free of charge by the inBW thanks to a municipal bonus, and access to container parks is free in the province.

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The new campaign will also be available via stickers affixed to 250 brainoises public bins, to specify that it is forbidden to deposit household waste there.

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