“You and I will overcome everything”: sobbing Valeria stroked her very rounded belly

Singer Valeria is a mother of many children. But the singer never hid that she always dreamed of having another child.

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From producer Alexander Shulgin, thanks to whom Valeria became famous, the artist gave birth to sons Artemy and Arseny and daughter Anna. The tandem of Alexander and Valeria in all respects turned out to be successful and fruitful, but not happy. After breaking up with the producer, the singer admitted that she had experienced domestic violence for years, which she preferred not to talk about or remember to anyone.

However, today, June 21, Valeria made an exception. She published photos of her only daughter Anna Shulgina, who, by the way, not so long ago officially changed her name and became Shena, and made a sensational confession.

“I remember very well the moment when I stood in the shower and talked to you, stroking my already very rounded belly. I remember crying and saying:“ We will overcome everything with you, my little one, my heart, ”Valeria began her post with these words .

In honor of the birthday of the heiress, the singer turned to the birthday girl, making it clear that things do not always go smoothly for them in a relationship. Luckily, Valeria and Shena find common ground despite their differences.

“Today you are so beautiful, kind, strong, infinitely talented. You are there when I am happy and sad, my beloved girlfriend. Yes, we often argue, but we are never bored. 😜 It seems to me that the older we get, the better “We understand each other. You chose a difficult path for yourself or he found you, but the more interesting and sweeter is the victory. Let them happen as much as possible. And yet, I want you to just be happy, always loved, but also, of course, healthy,” wished the singer.

Recall that now Valeria is happy with producer Joseph Prigogine. He treats the singer’s children as if they were his own. But the spouses have long dreamed of their own baby. Unfortunately, they did not manage to give birth to a common child, but Valeria and Joseph are happy to babysit their granddaughter Celine.

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Photo source: Instagram*, Boris Kudryavov

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