Yolanda Andrade's Health: How many years can you live with an aneurysm?

Yolanda Andrade's Health: How many years can you live with an aneurysm?

A few weeks ago, Yolanda Andrade shared that she was hospitalized, and although she was about to be discharged, at that time she assured that I was alive by a miraclesomething that was confirmed by his sister, the also host Marilé Andrade.

Although he continues in studies to learn more about his condition and reach an accurate medical diagnosis, he announced that have an aneurysm in the eyewhich is why he currently has irritation in this area and in recent days he has had to wear dark glasses.

“Health is truly very important, the most important thing. We are going to have a break because I want to respect my body, my health and my well-being, ”she assured before the microphones of different media on the outskirts of the city. XEWwhere he recorded his program.

Story of Yolanda Andrade from the hospital in April. (Photo: Instagram / Screenshot)

What is an aneurysm?

An aneurysm is a abnormal widening in a part of an artery that is weakenedand if it is not treated in time it can be fatal since there is a risk of bursting and internal bleeding or stroke, according to the United States National Library of Medicine.

It can occur anywhere on the body, although The most common They are in the brain, although they also develop in:

  • The major artery leaving the heart, such as the abdominal or thoracic aorta
  • Behind the knee (popliteal artery aneurysm)
  • The intestine (Mesenteric artery aneurysm)
  • An artery in the spleen (Splenic artery aneurysm)

Many of them they do not present symptoms until they begin to leak or rupture. In this case, it is necessary to go immediately to the doctor to make an assessment of the patient’s state of health.

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Sportswriter Grant Wahl has died after a ruptured aortic aneurysm. (Photo: AP/Shutterstock)

How long can a person with an aneurysm live?

How long a person can live with an aneurysm depends on various factorssuch as its size and location, as well as the person’s age and general health, and whether or not they receive treatment.

In some cases, an aneurysm can be small and cause no symptoms, so the person with it You can live your whole life without knowing you have it.. The problem lies when there are symptoms, as this means that you need medical attention.

Treatment for an aneurysm may include careful observation, regular monitoring through medical imaging tests, medication to control blood pressure, or surgery to repair the aneurysm. The choice of treatment should be determined by a specialist in the field.

This is what a bulging artery from an aneurysm looks like. (Photo: Shutterstock) This is what a bulging artery from an aneurysm looks like. (Photo: Shutterstock)

In case of a ruptured aneurysm, attention time is vitaland the time that can be lived will depend on this, which can range from hours to years if adequate treatment is carried out.

A study conducted by researchers and physicians at the Hospital del Mar Institute of Medical Research published a study carried out on patients who suffered brain aneurysm, and obtained the following results:

The short-term mortality is located in eight percent a week later of treatment, during the hospitalization period, and 18 percent after three months. When the year is over, it reaches 23 percent, and five years later, 29 percent.

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Las deaths from this pathology In the world, according to various studies, they are between 11 and 27.5 percent in the hospital and above 30 percent after three months.

Tom Sizemore passed away from complications of a brain aneurysm. (Shutterstock)



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