Yes: this Nintendo Wii U failure buries the console

Yes: this Nintendo Wii U failure buries the console

Several owners of a Wii U, considered a major failure for Nintendo, had the unpleasant surprise of falling on a breakdown while trying to turn it back on after several months of inactivity.

The Wii U, considered a massive failure in Nintendo’s history, has been officially dead since 2017 (the year production was halted). But it still exists in the minds of fans and in the closets of the few owners. Nevertheless, it is not certain that the console is still in working order, we discover in this subject published on March 7 on Reddit.

Several testimonials report Wii U unable to launch a game or the menu – whether they have been modified or not. This failure is related to error code 160-0103, which is attributed to a defect in the console memory. It appears on consoles that have not been turned on for a very long time. According to this article published on Extrudethis problem would be difficult to repair without after-sales service, which Nintendo no longer provides today.

Nintendo Wii U  // Source : Nintendo
Nintendo Wii U // Source : Nintendo

The final nail in the Wii U coffin

This fatality had already been mentioned in December 2021, following a topic shared on the GBAtemp forums. At the time, user john25601600 reported similar symptoms: My Wii U Deluxe (32 GB) has been unused for more than 5 years. I decided to turn it back on and immediately got a black screen with error code 160-0103, suggesting a problem with the system memory. The console has never been modified and worked perfectly when last used. And he didn’t mention any easy way to make the Wii U work again.

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Voultar, a content creator (90,000 YouTube subscribers) who loves electronics, is ready to shed some light on this story. In a tweet posted on March 7he said: If anyone has a Wii U with error code 160-0103, I’m willing to buy it. I want to see if I can analyze the memory and find a solution. He came up with a name for the marigold: “The Sleeping Virus of Death” or “Le virus dormant de la mort”.

Why is this concern resurfacing today? It’s no coincidence of the calendar: on March 27, 2023, Nintendo will close the Wii U eShop, leaving only a few days for owners to complete their collection by purchasing certain digital games. Except that the nostalgic pleasure of turning the Wii U back on may be turning into dark disillusionment for many.

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