Yanina Latorre got fed up with Estefi Berardi and confronted her with everything in LAM: “Don’t get lost, skinny. Don’t break my balls”

Yanina Torres did not forgive the virtual crossing Estefi Berardi and yesterday in “LAM” (America TV) faced her live, before a rather sharp question from the young panelist.

Angel of Brito do not touch Tower he was not on his best day and consulted him: “You’re off today, Yanina. What’s happening?“, the controversial little angel responded with a lot of slump:”I’m tired, I have problems at homeHowever, seeing the situation, Estefi Berardi He took the opportunity to ask his partner: “Problems with Diego?“.

Seeing the displeased expression he put on Yanina, Berardi expressed: “No, tell me if you don’t want to say, don’t make that face at me“But the panelist of “Mañanísima” (Ciudad Magazine) did not expect Diego Latorre’s wife to react in the worst way: “Seriously, don’t get lost, skinny, because you’re already screwing me. Today is not a day to fuck, ready“.

Though Estef tried to handle the situation with humor, Yanina He stood firm and limited in reference to the tweets they exchanged yesterday: “I’m talking to the driver, there is no humor today. You already barde the compañeras, we have been professional mines for many years“.”What companions?“, he stated Berardibut Tower He wanted to finish the crossing and expressed: There it is, beautiful. don’t break my balls“.

What happened between Yanina Latorre and Estefi Berardi

Although tensions between the panelists have existed since the beginning of the cycle, this week Yanina Torres pointed against Estefi Berardiafter the latter tried to deny it in “LAM“(América TV) regarding the information about the celebration that the soccer player did last weekend Rodrigo DePaul.

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The last friday, Berardi revealed that the national team player had ordered a place closed to have an appointment with Tini Stoesselbefore which Yanina He interrupted her and assured her that this date was not correct, since it would not be a private dinner and that in fact she was invited. The panelist of “very morning” (Ciudad Magazine) ironically stated that his information would be confirmed, but really what happened over the weekend was a great birthday party for the soccer player in a bowling alley in San Isidro, which was attended by several celebrities and of course his girlfriend. , Tini Stoessel.

On Tuesday, Estef tried to cross Tower in “LAM“And although the spicy panelist tried to deny what her partner said again, Angel De Brito He interrupted them and asked them both to go to the specific data about what happened on Saturday night. For her part, the wife of Diego Latorre decided to interact with his fans on Twitter and took the opportunity to expand on the situation of the party of Tini y Rodrigo: “I always have the post. I’m not here to play or tell stupid things. I knew everything. And it’s like I said! I NEVER CHANGE VERSIONS. I talk to the protagonists. I’m not in nonsense“.

a follower of Yanina He wrote: “Clearly you did not see the video (to Berardi), she (Latorre) did say that she was going to celebrate! And Estefi says that there was going to be a dinner in a closed place for the two of them, stupid! And going to Santa Fe was postponed because of Tini’s father, simple“. The panelist responded with the honesty that characterizes her: “That is exactly what happened! I always talked about parties and Estefi about dinner. She is lying and turning things around. She is going to compete with me to have rebound in the portals“.

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Yanina Latorre vs. Estefi Berardi

Seeing that another Internet user shared the exact video, where it was confirmed that Estef I had the wrong information about the celebration, Yanina launched spicy: “Oh @estefiberardi the video appeared. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. YOU SAID DINNER, DATE, hahahahaha they’re going to eat together. Hahahaha and I told you ‘it’s not like that’, I’m invited. Love I kept participating to have my rebound in the portals“About the moment when Berardi stated in the cycle: “In your face Yanina”, Lola Latorre’s mother stated: “I was embarrassed that desperation for being like me“.

Yanina Latorre vs. Estefi Berardi

Estefi Berardi crossed Yanina Latorre

After the series of tweets from Tower, Estef He did not hesitate to answer him in the same way and maintained that he was right: “You look much better accepting that you were wrong and apologizing. A companion on the air is not denied. But hey, it’s not my role to teach you those things. I send a kiss“.

Yanina Latorre vs. Estefi Berardi

However, far from appeasing the crossing, Yanina replied: “I was not wrong! You were wrong! You have to learn, not me! And I did not deny you. You told a dinner that was not, I explained to you that it was a party. Look at you in the video. You talked about dinner and date. Kisses“.


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