Yandex has launched its brand of quality accessories Commo. What is its essence

It is quite possible that you have already heard about Commo. Yandex has launched a new line of universal accessories. So far, only charging is available and, judging by the reviews from the first month of sales on Yandex Market, the start was successful.

What is private label How from Yandex Marketwhich charges are now available, and what to expect from your own accessories in the near future – later in this material.

In preparation, we asked a question to the Yandex Market team involved in the development of Commo. I will also share what I think about the prospects of the idea itself in Russia.

What is Commo

How is a new brand of quality accessories for mobile devices. It was invented and implemented in Yandex and sell on Yandex Market. The basic idea is somewhat similar to what has been developed for decades IKEA. You buy Commo and get:

▪ thoughtful and safe accessory
▪ with cute design
▪ in stylish packaging
cheaper analogues.

That is they are “useful accessories that are a pleasure to use.” “They look good and work like family.” Quotes from the site, if anything.

The project was launched in the spring of 2022. Today, two 20-watt Commo chargers are available for purchase, differing in the number of ports.

Why did you start with chargers?

The usual “Chinese” charging from among the popular in Russia.

In my opinion, the product for the start is chosen correctly. Chargers in general are a sensitive topic, because most of them are not only does not inspire confidencebut does not stand the test of time. Roughly speaking, many are afraid to insert something more serious and more expensive than a portable battery.

The average cost of charging for a smartphone in Russia is 500 rubles. The natural desire of retailers to extract the maximum benefit from sales has led to the overflow of our market with the cheapest, low-quality Chinese “junk” produced according to ready-made OEM offers and according to the principle of minimum viable product. If only they bought it, but charging was on. Reliability, quality, often even appearance are not priorities.

Typical reviews of popular “Chinese” chargers from Russian retailers.

And then people walk around and complain that their smartphones do not work well, they get very hot when charging, and the chargers themselves burn. But they continue to buy because it is cheap.

After all, the original Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi charger with a power of 20 watts or more costs about 1000 rubles or more. In the case of Apple, you can spend 2 thousand or more. I myself am extremely careful when using any chargers other than the original ones. At home, out of almost a dozen, I have only one “non-original”. I don’t want to burn my iPad or iPhone along with the apartment.

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Commo 20W charger with USB-C port.

Charges How are presented by the Market as the opposite of typical “consumer goods” and at the same time alternative to “native” accessories. Engineers from the Yandex product team found in China a supplier of high-quality components that do not lag behind the original ones, and monitors compliance with all standards, both in terms of security and technology.

Here is what the Yandex Market team told us:

The microchip manufacturer with which we cooperate provides us with test results, and we, guided by them, add support to the microcircuits for those functions that we consider the most demanded on the market.

At the end, we control the quality of the product itself, microcircuits, and after that we package and test not only ourselves, but also involve a third-party organization that conducts the inspection. We do everything to make sure the quality of the final product.

One of the fruits of this work was commo 20 watt charger with a USB-C port for 990 rubles. It supports the Power Delivery protocol required by modern smartphones (including iPhone) for safe and fast charging. It is also very small, easy to take with you anywhere.

Moreover, Yandex Market went further and also brought out a product, the demand for which has been growing rapidly in recent years. it two-port a 20-watt Commo charger that allows you to charge (you’ll never guess!) two devices at the same time: for example, a smartphone and an accessory for it, like wireless headphones. This Commo model costs 1390 rubles.

Looking ahead, I just tested these. Yandex, without knowing it, fulfilled my dream: inexpensive and high-quality charging from a company you can trust. But I’ll leave my impressions for the next article.

What are Yandex’s Commo development plans?

Commo Range cable in the box. Not released for sale yet.

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Many have heard about the Chinese-American brand Anker. Thanks to the marketplace Amazon, it has become de facto synonymous with quality for adequate money in the West. I would argue with the quality (their 2 expensive chargers bought in the USA burned down in our office). But the impact of Anker’s success on Commo as a brand is clear.

Like Anker, Commo will also have several types of accessories. Among them already announced cases for smartphones and cables:

▪ USB-A to USB-C cable
▪ USB cable for Lightning
▪ USB-C cable for Lightning
▪ USB-C to USB-C cable

Commo cases for iPhone.

With covers, the situation is expected. Commo is only preparing variants for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lines, including the Pro and Pro Max modifications. Externally very similar to the original models from Apple, are made of the same silicone with a soft-touch coating and a layer of microfiber inside. I’m sure the difference will be in price.

I also see a car charger on the subsite page, 2 types of rechargeable batteries and, which was especially surprising, a MagSafe power bank. They haven’t been announced yet.

What are the prospects for Commo in Russia?

For Yandex, the launch of accessories as such is a common story. The company has long been making both merch and branded trifles. The difference is that Commo is a standalone product, designed to be sold in plentiful quantities on the Yandex Market, and not a souvenir with a familiar logo.

Experience and progress in the development of devices Yandex does not hold. Over the years of development, Yandex.Station has turned from a good device with a very capable assistant into the most popular smart speaker in Russia, and its latest generations, whether Station 2, Station Mini or Max, are in no way inferior to what they do in the West, from design and to quality.

All this experience and work on bugs is noticeable in How. If you go to the accessories page on the Market, you will be greeted with renders of cute cables, batteries, cases and chargers. All these are almost ready-to-sell products, the release of which is worth waiting for in the coming weeks and months.

If the market situation does not change dramatically for the worse, and the cost of the next new Commo accessories remains just as affordable with the same level of quality, Yandex Market will have its own Anker. A Russians will have an easy answer to the question of what inexpensive accessory and where to buy so as not to regret.

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Where to buy Commo

Sales of accessories How launched exclusively on Yandex Market. The seller, of course, is Yandex itself.

For the purchase of chargers you 3% of the cost is returned with Yandex Plus bonuses. This is approximately 30 bonuses for regular charging and 42 bonuses for dual-port charging.

We are already testing the dual port version as it should. If without spoilers, for now I can say one thing: I would definitely replace my 20-watt blocks from Apple with such chargers. Because Commo is not only cheaper, but also more compact, with two ports at once and absolutely the same charging speed as a smartphone or a tablet.

And if such a charge is no worse, and in many ways even better … then why pay more for the “original”?

⚡️ Buy 20W Commo Charger: 990 rubles + 3% bonuses Yandex Plus

⚡️ Buy Commo Dual Port 20W Charger: 1390 rubles + 3% bonuses Yandex Plus

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It is quite possible that you have already heard about Commo. Yandex has launched a new line of universal accessories. So far, only charging is available and, judging by the reviews from the first month of sales on Yandex Market, the start was successful. What is Commo’s own brand from Yandex Market, what chargers are available now, and what to expect from your own accessories in the near future -…

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