Yamaha unveils two new smart electric mountain bikes – electric bikes – hybrid and electric

Yamaha claims to be the company that created the world’s first electric bicycle nearly 30 years ago. It is also recognized as one of the leading innovators about your technology. His two new models, YDX Moro 07 and Moro 05 are part of the gamma premium YDX-Morotwo electric bikes equipped with double suspension and powered by the PW-X3, the electric motor lighter and at the same time more powerful of those that the Japanese manufacturer has offered throughout its history.

Yamaha has been making electric bikes since 1993, but only introduced the first full-suspension model in mid-2020. Division manager Rob Trester said Yamaha is doubling down on the growing eMTB market with the new Fun 07 and Fun 05with which he maintains the concept ‘Pure Ride’ whose mission is to offer a powerful response thanks to the sensors that identify the cyclist’s needs and adapt the engine’s response to them.

At the heart of each of the new models is the engine PW-X3 from Yamaha. A bottom bracket hub-mounted drive that the brand says is 10% lighter and 20% smaller than the previous generation, the PW-X2, making it its smallest drive unit yet, light and powerful.

The automatic support mode allows cyclists to “focus on the road” as the sensor system can detect the power the rider needs at any given moment.

Its rated output power is 250 W, although it is capable of reaching peaks of 500 W. The maximum auxiliary speed 25 km/h, as required by the European EPAC vehicle regulations. Besides the regulations, the most important data that shows the character of this engine is its 85 Nm from parwhich also reaches the cyclist almost immediately, thanks to the evolution of the Yamaha’s ‘Pure Ride’ concept (zero cadence). The transmission unit is capable of bringing that 85 Nm of torque to the pedals in a wide range of cadences. The set weighs only 2.75 kilograms10% less than the PW-X2, and is about 20% smaller.

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In both cases they educate a battery located in the inclined tube with a capacity of 500 Wh for which Yamaha did not give autonomy figures. The manufacturer assures that it is possible to reach a capacity of 80% of the charge in one hour, although to complete it you will need a total of four hours connected to a household outlet.

Auto-standby mode uses the quad sensor system company to provide the exact amount of assistance based on a number of factors, including driving conditions and terrain. The result is that the engine helps so almost instantly and with the maximum torque available immediately after the rider applies pressure to the pedal, not after the crank has completed part of the turn.

Yamaha YDX Moro 07 Electric Bikes YDX Moro 05 Interior2
The YDX-Moro 07 and 05 e-bikes roll on Maxxis tires and benefit from full Rockshox suspension.

The frame of both electric bikes has a horizontal bar divided into two parts so that the geometry makes it possible to house the rear shock absorber Rockshox, indicating the difference between both models. The 07 YDX Moro gets a custom 150mm travel Super Deluxe Select+ shock, while the 05 gets a Deluxe Select+ shock. In both cases, the spring is a 210x55mm DebonAir+ with 15 clicks of rebound adjustment along with a two-position compression adjustment selector. The front suspension fork, also Rockshox-branded, is equally different: the 07 includes the Lyrik Select with 160mm of travel, while the 05 is the Revelation RC.

There are also differences in the transmission and brakes. While the 07 uses a Shimano XT 12-speed gear set, the 05 makes do with a Shimano Deore. Stopping power comes from Magura MT5 four-piston disc brakes front and rear with a single finger lever on the 07, and Magura MT30 four-piston front and two-piston eight brakes on the 05.

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In both cases the tires are 27.5 inches with a Maxxis Minion DHF tire on the front and a Rekon on the rear wheel and includes a telescopic bowl TranzX. The two models integrate the new unit of control Yamaha Interface Xincluding Bluetooth connectivity, tri-color LED standby indicator plus control switch and battery charge status.

With all these components are the final weights of the two bikes 23.2 kilograms in the case of 07 and 23.1 kilograms. Both models will go on sale in December this year.



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