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Al-Ahly’s administration held a meeting with the wife of Betso Mosimane, the coach of the first football team, who is his manager at the same time, to discuss the extension of the South African coach’s contract.

Musimani assumed the technical mission of Al-Ahly Club in October 2020, and his contract is scheduled to expire at the end of June 2022.

And Yalla Koura learned from a source inside the Al-Ahly club that the Red Castle administration has a desire to maintain the stability of the football team by extending the contract of the South African coach.

And the source said in exclusive statements to Laila Koura: “A meeting took place between Al-Ahly officials and the coach’s business manager, but she asked for great financial conditions to extend his contract.”

He added, “Mosimane’s agent asked to amend the financial value of his contract in the current (last) season to reach $200,000 instead of $140,000.”

He continued, “I also demanded that the new contract be for a period of two years, starting in October 2022, with a salary of up to $230,000 per month, in addition to a penalty clause requiring him to receive the rest of the contract value in full if it is terminated at any time.”

The source explained that the Al-Ahly administration believes that these conditions are difficult and have other meanings and evidence, pointing to the state of anger behind the media leaks and the attempt to put pressure on the Red Castle.

The source continued: “So far, Musimani continues his contract and leads the team’s training until the end of the current season, but if he wants to leave, the decision is up to him.”

He explained that Al-Ahly’s contract with Musimani does not include clauses that grant either party to terminate the contract or not to complete it according to any conditions, such as the necessity of winning the African Champions League or the League Championship.

And he continued: “Al-Ahly contracted with Musimani for a period of two full years, without a clause stipulating that the second season should not be activated under any conditions, and it continues until the end of his contract.”

And he added: “There is a penalty clause of three months for those who wish to terminate the contract from both parties.”

It is worth noting that Mosumiani succeeded in leading Al-Ahly to win the African Champions League twice in a row, in addition to winning the African Super title and the bronze in the Club World Cup.


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