The great figures of motorcycling, both at the Asturian level, as national and worldwide, are cited next Monday in Sariego. The town hosts the XLVI Motocross International-Grand Prix Principality of Asturias, whose tests will be played during the afternoon. So, the training will take place at five in the afternoon. An hour later the first manga will come out. The same period of time will have to wait for the second (departure at seven in the afternoon) and for the third (departure at eight in the afternoon). Then, the awards ceremony will be at nine o'clock at night.

The organizers of this test of vehicles on two wheels have been able to count on the presence of great drivers of all types of motorcycling. On Monday, the current MX2 Spain champion, Iker Larrañaga (Basque Country), who competes with the KTM brand will be in Sariego. Galician Rubén Fernández, who competes with the Yamaha brand in the European, will also participate.

On the other hand, the Catalan Joan Cross (Yamaha) and the American Bubba Pauli (Yamaha), the French Cedric Soubeyras (Husqvarna) and Thomas Do (Suzuki) stand out in the supercross; as well as the Italians Fabio Ferrari (Kawasaki) and Angelo Pellegrini (Honda). They are all outstanding drivers competing in the American Supercross and that during the rest season they carry out high-level tests throughout Europe.

Cedric Soubeyras, followed by Jaume Betriu in a jump during the last edition. | Manuel Noval Moro

Regarding the modality of Enduro, the Sariego motocross will feature World Cup riders such as Catalan Jaume Betriú (KTM) and Madrid Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna). During the sporting event on Monday you can also enjoy leading riders in the mythical Dakar race, such as Jonathan Barragán (Gas Gas) from Madrid and Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco) from Castilian.

The XLVI International Motocross of Sariego-Grand Prix Principality of Asturias it will also have home pilots. The Asturian David Miranda (Kawasaki), Julio Pando (Gas Gas) and Pablo Gutiérrez Solís (TM) will participate in this motorcycle race.

The show is secured Monday afternoon, August 19. The MotoClub Villaviciosa has already done its job summoning the best riders in the world, with the sponsorship of the San Pedrín de la Cueva Celebration Commission. Now we just have to wait for the countdown so that the roars of these two-wheeled bullets roll and delight lovers of this sport that combines passion for motor and nature in equal parts. The motocross capital, next Monday, is established in Sariego.

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