“Xinjiang Police Files” reveal China’s true character

What a week for China’s rulers! Xi Jinping made three negative headlines. On the one hand, through US President Joe Biden’s pledge to rush to military aid to democratic Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. Xi Jinping, for whom the flourishing democracy on his doorstep is a thorn in his side, has repeatedly threatened to attack and occupy the island state if he does not “reunite” with the People’s Republic.

Whistleblower cop opens up about Uyghur ordeal

Torture until confession: Whistleblower cop opens up about Uyghur ordeal(01:58)

Shortly thereafter, the “Xinjiang Police Files” became public. 14 internationally renowned media houses have evaluated and checked for authenticity thousands of photos and documents that prove the terror of Xi’s clique in the north-western province of his country: A million people are crammed into concentration camps, humiliated and tortured. Xi Jinping’s goal is to eradicate the Uyghur culture and way of life, which he considers inferior to the Han Chinese, and to exploit the resource-rich province undisturbed.



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