Xiaomi Mi TV Stick for less than 40 euros thanks to the OUTSIDE ALL Unieuro

Incredible offer today on Unieuro thanks to the new initiative started yesterday of the true OUTSIDE ALL. In fact, you buy the incredible Xiaomi Mi TV Stick for only 34.99 euros, instead of 49.99 euros. You will turn your television into a fantastic smart TV complete with tons of amazing features to be able to watch your favorite TV series, movies, YouTube videos, your personal photos and much more. Put it in the cart today, before stocks run out.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: your streaming at your fingertips

Thanks to Unieuro and his ALL OUT, today you can win Xiaomi Mi Stick for only 34.99 euros, instead of 49.99 euros. With this tiny accessory you will not only transform your old TV into a modern one smart TV, but you can easily take your stream with you.

In fact, you just need to connect Xiaomi Mi Stick in the door HDMI of any TV, have an internet connection and that’s it. You will thus be able to easily access all yours favorite content like Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube and more.

Not only that, but it also supports the voice search and, moreover, you can cast the contents of your smartphone, tablet or laptop on your TV screen by simply connecting it to the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. His Bluetooth remote control it’s a real bomb. Wherever you are positioned, he will send commands without the need to direct him towards the television or screen. With Google Assistant Just press the microphone button to quickly find what you are looking for.

Finally, thanks to multi-channel decoding DTS and to that Dolby HD by a audio surround incredible stereo, you will be able to hear truly immersive, fluid and realistic sounds.

In short, at this price it is really an unmissable deal with the EVERYTHING OUT Unieuro. Buy your new one Xiaomi Mi TV Stick for only 34.99 euros, instead of 49.99 euros and turns any TV into a fantastic smart TV.

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