Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55 “4K arrives in the country: features and price

Xiaomi Argentinathe Chinese giant that has already opened its first official physical store in Argentina, confirmed the arrival of the smart TV in the country Xiaomi MiTV P1 55-inchone of the company’s most successful models since its global launch.

In this way, the Chinese giant joins the quest to gain the largest possible market share in a segment what will it be protagonist in 2022.

Why? At the end of the year, a new edition of the World Cup will be held in Qatar organized by the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA), a seasonal factor that the smart display makers often take advantage every four years.

Android operating system

The Xiaomi device offers Android TV, the television adaptation of the operating system designed by Google that millions of Argentines have on their cell phones.

This allows the user experience is really fluid and intuitive since the product is removed from the packaging.

After selecting the language and the area in which the television is located, the user will have the chance to perform a quick configuration through Google Assistant.

The assistant of the American giant will allow you to synchronize the accounts you have on the device in little more than of minutes.

From there, you will have the possibility to download new screen apps from newsylist play or accommodate those that are already pre-installed.

For the most demanding users, the screen can also be used as smart home control center.

Minimalist and borderless design

The TV has a bezel-less design to offer a optimal viewing experiencealmost borderless.

Just above the bottom of the screen is the power buttontogether with a microphone that collaborates with the voice assistant.

With no bezel on three sides, the design provides a highest screen-to-body ratioaccording to the manufacturer, and viewing angles of 178 degrees.

Being a VA screen -which differs from IPS panels by not reaching the same viewing angles-, offers:

  • a deeper black level
  • stronger contrast
  • better black uniformity
  • higher color accuracy

In addition, it should always be taken into account that VA screens offer better details in shadow areas, a feature that prevents you from losing the same amount of information as an IPS panel.

4K resolution and Dolby Vision technology

The television has 4K UHD resolution (4 times more resolution than an HD display) and offers real images with more details and greater depth.

One of the strengths of Xiaomi’s TV is that it supports Dolby Vision technology – present, for example, in a large part of the Disney + entertainment platform’s catalog of titles.

The equipment also has HDR10 + technology, which allows you to obtain details both in the dark and in the light.

HDR10+ technology offers a higher dynamic range that delivers brighter highlights and darker darks by enhancing image sharpness, contrast, and color.

This technology can be fully appreciatedfor example, to play a title with a new generation video game consolenamely, PlayStation 5 o Xbox Series X o Xbox Series S.

It has a 60Hz refresh rate. This means that the panel refreshes the image 60 times per second. This is a characteristic that largely determines the value of the product and the segment it is aimed at.

Wide color gamut and motion smoothing

the screen of 1.07 million colors and this wide gamut offers up to 94% DCI-P3 coverage. The result is excellent image quality, underpinned by vibrant colors and more vivid detail.

The TV also includes a “MEMC motion smoothing” feature, which the manufacturer claims provides greater fluidity without judder.

Xiami explains that MEMC “can automatically insert offset frames into low-frame-rate content to eliminate screen tearing and judder, bringing more fluidity to fast movements during sporting events, auto races, and more.”

Improved AI and Android TV

The Android TV operating system allows for a simplified user experience, which allows you to access more than 400,000 movies and programs as well as the possibility of choosing to download an extensive catalog made up of some 7,000 applications.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TVy Google Play Storeare just some of the ones that the team comes pre-installed.

On the other hand, it also offers direct access to the patch wall applicationexclusive to Xiaomi, which summarizes the most used applications and put them in one place. However, it is not yet functional for users residing in Argentina.

Also, thanks to the improved AI, voice can be used to carry out complex functions on the TV, at a range of up to 3 meters.

For example, you can ask Google to control your TV, answer questions, and check your calendar.

Control remoto Bluetooth 360

Another of the team’s highlights for being a device Bluetooth 360 degreesthat is, it allows the television to be controlled from any direction where the user intends.

In addition, it includes shortcut keys to streaming platforms Netflix y Amazon Prime Video.

On the other hand, having Built-in Chromecast and Miracastthe user you can easily stream any type of content from your smartphone or tablet to enjoy it on a 55-inch screen.

A powerful processor

One of the most outstanding features of this device is its fluid performance with which the user can move through the different interfaces or even search for new content.

This is thanks to their quad core processorBesides the 2 gigabytes (GB) + 16 GB storage configurationwhich allows the user to download and install all their favorite applications.


It has Dolby Audio Decoding technology and DTS-HD function that offers powerful 3D sound.

It includes two 10W stereo speakers that provide a more than acceptable cinematic audio experience.


  • Android TV operating system
  • Control remoto Bluetooth
  • VA panel (not an IPS): smaller viewing angle, but better contrast level
  • Refresh rate 60Hz
  • 2GB Ram Memory
  • good storage
  • good processor
  • Seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Price: around $104,788 in the Xiaomi Store online store



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