Xbox Series: a new controller arrives with a new feature

The Xbox Series will soon be entitled to a brand new surprising controller with rare features and even a completely new one.

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from the Xbox brand, it’s the quality and ergonomics of its controllers (since the Xbox 360, let’s face it), even though some still criticize the use of batteries as the primary power source. In addition to official pads and other Xbox Elite controllers, many manufacturers offer homemade accessories, sometimes even under an official license. This is the case today with Asus, via its ROG brand, which shows us its new baby specially designed for gamers, the ROG Raikiri Pro controller.

An Xbox controller with integrated OLED display

The ROG Raikiri Pro generally retains the same design as the other Xbox Series controllers, whether it’s handles where the joysticks are or the main triggers, nothing moves. On the other hand, the coating has been completely revised and is divided into two distinct parts to give a lot of style and to integrate RGB LEDs.

But what stands out the most is undoubtedly the presence of a small 1.3-inch OLED screen just above the Xbox button. A screen that will be used to display small customizable animations, as well as some information concerning the configurable profile chosen, the amount of remaining battery or the state of the microphone. A first on Xbox Series.

Everything you need where you need it, and even more

As a bonus, the controller will have a Bluetooth connection, a USB-C wired and a classic 2.4Ghz wireless. As a bonus, it will have several buttons on the back (4 on the right and 4 on the left) which can be personalized as you see fit. Of course the 3.5mm audio port will also be present.

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As so often with this kind of hardware, software will of course be provided with the controller to allow you to set the sensitivity of the joysticks, review the key mapping or customize the new OLED screen. Needless to say, the controller will be compatible with Xbox Series, PC and even Xbox One.

For the moment, however, Asus has not yet given a release date, nor even a price range for its ROG Raikiri Pro. But it shouldn’t take too long.



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