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People can play just fine “for fun”. However, if the entire decoration of the game is broken, even if the core gameplay is good, then that (imo) does have an impact on the experience. I definitely still play for fun. Being able to adjust my Spartan to my taste, as I’ve been doing since Halo 3 in 2007 or having some form of progression next to individual matches is part of that, for others it’s hunting achievements or something else. That Halo is now being used to wring every cent out of the player is (as a Halo fan) very disappointing and that certainly has an impact on my experience of the game.

– Progression. Since Halo 2 there has been some form of global progression in Halo. The fact that, apart from the meager battle pass, there is now no form of global progression is a downer. (outside ranked)
– Lack of diversity in playlists, no split between slayer and objective based game modes. Fiesta, a series favorite and dating back quite a few years, has now been relegated to a timed event, for example.
– No pre- and post-game lobbies. You have no idea who you are playing with/against.
– Your lobby will be disassembled after every game. Multiple matches with the same randoms in a row is no longer possible unless you explicitly invite each other now.
– Some challenges are downright bizarre (luckily some adjustments have already been made to this).
– Blaming shortcomings on F2P is unfair imo. The Halo community already expressed their concerns a year ago, 343i has done nothing about it. (Yes, they responded and promised that the concerns were unnecessary, however the current builds prove otherwise).
— MTX practices that are even worse than mobile games. (Blue color on MKVII is not applicable to Yorio, you can pay €6 again)
— Customization, even if you don’t like it, is bare bones and worse than previous installments. For example, you can now put down €10 for a color that can only be used on one core, in the previous games you could choose from thousands of combinations. That is not related.
— Runaway armor pieces. This already started with MCC. Space samurai, deer antlers, really?

The core gameplay is good, not perfect and there are holes to poke in. Letting other games fail should not be an excuse.

Do not get me wrong. The core gameplay is obviously the most important.

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