Surprise, a lucky few received a huge gift package from Microsoft to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand. For them, no more problems, Santa Claus will be able to save time on his next tour.

Microsoft pampers the Xbox community

The festivities continue to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary. Microsoft has decided to play Santa Claus a little early by sending gift boxes to randomly selected players from all of the Xbox FanFest attendees.

Thus, the lucky ones had the pleasure of receiving a gift package accompanied by a letter with the following message:

Here is a limited edition kit, created for totally randomly selected Xbox FanFest fans, to commemorate our journey down memory lane, but also the present and future of the Xbox community.

We’ve included a 20 Years of Xbox crystal, engraved with your gamertag. Thank you for being a part of the Xbox community, which is the reason for our trip. We look forward to having you join the Xbox community as we continue our journey. We have also decided to add an additional 12 months to your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. The note is for us.

November 15, 2021 doesn’t just mean celebrating 20 years of Xbox, but 20 years of Halo as well. Celebrate it in style with the Halo Infinite Limited Edition controller. You will be one of the first to receive this controller, which is not yet available and is reserved for bundles.

An undisguised joy on Twitter

This huge gift offered by the American manufacturer did not fail to make the fans react to green who thanked the Redmond company as it should.

What more can I say except… THANKS MICROSOFT!

If you missed it, know that we are also organizing a Twitter contest that will allow you to win an Xbox Series X Edition Halo Infinite and that we are publishing throughout the month of November a series of articles and features to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox.

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