Xbox Game Studios Head: Everwild Isn’t As Hard As Rumors Say

Earlier this year, VGC sources reported that following the departure of the creative director from Rare last year Everwild Simon Woodruff’s studio has actually restarted the development of a new adventure game from scratch. In response to the rumor, the project’s executive producer Louise O’Connor then confirmed the appointment of designer Gregg Mailles as the new creative director, but said the team has continued to work hard and has made significant progress since the first screening.

Speaking on the latest podcast Kinda Funny Games, supervisor Xbox Game Studios Matt Boothy commented on the current status of the game, noting that difficulties are a natural part of the creative process and are not as dramatic as they are said to be.

“Looking at all this from the outside and hearing words like” reboot “,” rebuild “, I want to say that they are, perhaps, more categorical than what actually happens when it comes to creating a game.”

Regarding where Everwild is now, Bootie noted that the authors are currently trying to make sure they get something special. Previously, the developers showed a glimpse of the world and the art style, and are now working to ensure that a good game comes out of it all.

“We’ll tell you more about Everwild when the team has something to show. We understand that everyone is interested in seeing the game and we’re not going to keep it under wraps for too long.”

Everwild has no release date. According to VGC, Rare considers the game’s release in 2024 to be an “optimistic” development option.

Everwild was announced in November 2019. The game was shown for the second time last summer. At the same time, the developers openly confirmed that they continue to experiment with the concept and work out individual elements, so we still do not know for sure the details of the game, except that this is an adventure in the world of nature and magic.

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