Xbox Game Pass: big changes, Microsoft is pushing you to pay more

The Xbox Game Pass has had the right to a few changes at the start of the year, changes that may have gone unnoticed by some, but not by everyone. Microsoft has indeed attacked its loyalty system, and it does not please.

Long before Sony’s PS Stars program, Microsoft had already set up “Rewards”, kinds of quests and other challenges supposed to reward its most loyal players with points as soon as they fulfilled certain objectives such as playing specific games. Xbox Game Pass, earn Achievements, etc. Points that can then be spent in a dedicated store to get your hands on several things such as Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, gift cards, etc.

The Xbox Game Pass and its rewards are raging

But at the start of 2023, Microsoft made some major changes to its weekly and monthly quest system linked to Xbox Game Pass. As shown by Daniel Martins, Xbox manager of the firm. And if some find their account, others much less.

It is mainly the rewards that have been affected here and if the daily missions do not change, the weekly and monthly quests have been modified.

Now, weekly missions are much more profitable and offer significantly more points after completing them, although the difficulty of the objectives has also been increased accordingly. On the other side, monthly missions and bonus objectives have been scaled down. However, over the year, the result is profitable and you earn a lot more, but there is a very big problem.

Pay more to earn more

The concern is that only subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the most expensive offer, will find their account there since if the mission rewards, called “Ultimate” have indeed been revised upwards for them, for the subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Standard, this is clearly not the case. Year-round, an Ultimate subscriber will be able to earn more than twice as many loyalty points as a Standard subscriber (thanks to XboxSquad for the calculation). A gap that did not exist before the latest changes.

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As a result, users are already starting to rage and feel pushed to the higher version of the subscription. As a bonus, it is the new difficulty of the missions that poses a problem. This month, for example, players are asked to play some time at Black Desert, an MMORPG. Only here, between the fact that the game is long to download, and that it is necessary to play a little while, it does not please everyone once again. Just take a look under the comments of the tweet posted above to be convinced.
This maneuver is therefore not to everyone’s taste, even if a good part of the subscribers will surely find it, or will not even pay attention to it.

As a reminder, currently, Xbox Game Pass Standard (PC or console) costs €9.99 per month, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines console and PC XGP, costs €12.99 monthly.
Other subscriptions are also being studied, a family Game Pass should soon point the tip of its nose and rumors even speak of a cheaper subscription with ads.



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