Xbox apologizes for Redfall and confirms that Arkane will continue to work on improving the game

Xbox apologizes for Redfall and confirms that Arkane will continue to work on improving the game

Phil Spencerhead of Xbox, has given an interview to Kinda Funny in which he has spoken honestly about the recent launch of Redfall: he shooter The cooperative from Arkane Studios has not been liked by the community or the specialized press, quickly becoming the company’s lowest rated release. Far from throwing balls out, Spencer has admitted to disappointing the community of Xbox and has confirmed that the developer is working on solving the problems of the game.

“There is nothing more difficult for me than disappointing the Xbox community,” begins Phil Spencer. “I’ve been a part of this for a long time. Obviously I work at Xbox, I’m the head of the business, I have a lot of friends and I get a lot of feedback, and I am disappointed just to see the community lose trust and be disappointed (…) I’m upset with myself”.

Arkane continue working on improving RedfallSpencer said

The head of Xbox has admitted in the interview that they expected that Redfall have more positive reviews from the press, otherwise they wouldn’t even have released the game: “We wouldn’t have worked hard to release a game that we think will receive ratings below 60, it’s not part of our goals.” The PC version of Redfall has one right now average score of 58 in Metacritic (con 31 reviews international), while the Xbox Series X / S has an average score of 62 (with 44 analysis published so far).

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On the other hand, Phil Spencer has ensured that Arkane Austin continue working on the game beyond the 60 fps patch that is on the way, and has given examples of other titles that have improved over time such as Grounded or Sea of ​​Thieves. Even so, he wanted to apologize again to the community: “I also know that these games cost 70 dollars and I will assume full responsibility for the launch (…) We let a lot of people down this week.but we will continue to make an effort”, he assured.

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Redfall is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S, both at full price and through the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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