Xbox and Valve to announce collaboration at E3 2021

One of the surprises that could come this week is that Xbox and Valve to announce collaboration at E3 2021, or at least that’s what a new rumor says. This would be very irregular simply because Valve has been trying hard not to attend E3 for many years. Valve founder Gabe Newell appeared on the Sony stage for Portal 2’s PlayStation 3 launch, but the company hasn’t had a regular presence at the convention since.

Microsoft’s Xbox showcase appears to be quite promising, even if we don’t see a collaboration with Valve. This Showcase will be the first time Bethesda and Xbox are introduced as one publisher within a great event for videogames. And if Xbox and Valve were to finally announce a collaboration at E3 2021, it would certainly be a landmark presentation.

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Xbox and Valve to announce collaboration at E3 2021

Very recently we learned that Phil Spencer was talking to Valve which started the rumors of a possible deal. And now it looks like Xbox and Valve would announce a collaboration at E3 2021. This all starts with the announcement that Valve will be attending the event during E3 for the first time for a special announcement. Tyler McVicker released a video full of predictions from E3. It was he who said that Gabe Newell and Xbox Director Phil Spencer would announce this collaboration.

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The fact that someone from Valve is announcing something at E3 is unusual enough. Valve reportedly has a laptop console in the works, and Gabe Newell mentioned in a recent New Zealand Q&A that more news about Steam and consoles would be coming “by the end of the year.” A version of Steam that makes it to the Xbox Series X in some form would certainly fit that provocation.

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