Citizens add a new low amount to their ranks. Xavier Pericay, one of the founders of the party and leader of the orange training in the Balearic Islands, has resigned from all of his positions, has abandoned the executive committee of the training and also his responsibilities in the area of ​​education. Pericay announced last week the resignation of the party president, Albert Rivera, although he will continue as a citizen base militant. The low one adds to the recent ones of Toni Roldán and Javier Nart, who also left the executive of Cs, although in this case the reasons are different.

The writer and philologist born in Barcelona in 1965 had to be the strongest man in the game in the Balearic Islands, but against the prognosis he lost the party's primary against Marc Pérez-Ribas, who ended up being the candidate for the autonomic elections of 26 May. Since then, "he said in his farewell letter to which the ARA Balearic Islands had access, his will was to move away from political life as he neither maintained" motivation "nor" enthusiasm " "Necessary

In fact, the departure of Pericay from the party began earlier, with the arrival of former Balearic president José Ramón Bauzá to the orange party. Although when it came to its conclusion, he asserted that it was "a decision of the presidency" and that he respected it "completely", he had already shown his dissatisfaction with the signing of the expopulate. "If they tell me to come, I'm left. It is no threat or charm, but Bauzá is a thing of the past and it would be absurd to change this. The policy of José Ramón Bauzá goes to the detriment of what I think and I do not want to help me with anything, "he had sentenced shortly before announcing the arrival of Bauzá to Citizens.

Diverse reasons

Pericay's loss is barely two weeks after they also announced that they leave the party two other leading names: Toni Roldán and Javier Nart. The former left the party and the seat and the second left the governing bodies, despite keeping the minutes of the MEP. The sliding to the right of the formation and the agreements with the extreme right in different territories were the reasons used by Roldán and Nart. "How should we fight the politics of reds against blue if we become blue? How can we talk about regeneration and agree to parties that have been in the government for 20 years? ", Asked the ex-secretary of party programs while leaving the door.

"I do not go for the same reasons that my former colleague, Toni Roldán, has taken to abandon the program secretary and the party," explains Pericay in the letter, although he acknowledges that his departure has also influenced. Once he announced that he resigned, Roldán made a tweet in which Pericay defined him as "an extraordinary man and an intellectual referent for all", before wishing him luck in his professional future.

Veto support to Sánchez

Last Monday, the executive of Cs endorsed the veto strategy to Pedro Sánchez in the investiture of July 22 and 23. Pericay, who had already handed out his resignation letter, did not participate because he was outside the country. But the PSOE did not have anything to do with its decision. In fact, he shares the strategy: "It is a decision that I support and that I would sign," he emphasizes in his farewell letter. The Pacts with Vox were not influenced either. March "for personal reasons" and also "for internal operational issues" that he prefers not to expose publicly.

Rivera sees another of the founders of Citizens, after seeing how some of them have not hesitated to criticize him openly. Francesc de Carreras, Félix de Azúa, Albert Boadella and also Arcadi Espada have done so in recent weeks. Pericay thus puts an end to the party political life, with the goal, he says, of "giving way to those who come." He will not continue in organic or institutional positions, but despite not being an active part of any political party, he assures that his personal life "will always be linked to the political world, as a citizen and writer."

Xavier Pericay's farewell letter

In the middle of last week I notified Albert Rivera, President of Citizens, my decision to abandon the Executive Committee of the party and, consequently, my responsibility in the area of ​​Education. I did it, I had to add it, thanking him for the trust he had placed in me four years ago by proposing me as a list head to the Balearic Parliament and by adding myself months later to the newly enlarged executive. It has been four exciting years, from which I have learned profitable lessons about the exercise of power and the value of friendship, and in which I have met great people, both inside and outside the party, starting with many of my executive fellows.

But everything comes to an end and that end, in my case, ripped off with my defeat in the primary schools of the Balearic Islands last March and ended up taking shape on Monday last week with the meeting of the Executive Committee I could not attend for finding myself traveling outside the country. For anyone to be deceived: I am one of those who consider that the majority position adopted at that meeting in relation to the next investiture of the President of the Government is correct. The promises are to fulfill them, and Citizens, in the general elections of April, signed that contract with their constituents. What does not clear, of course, that the outcome of that Executive Committee will cause me, even at a distance, a certain dismay.

I am not going away, therefore, for the same reasons that have taken my excompañero Toni Roldán to leave the Program Secretariat and the party, although I will not deny that his march – regardless of because my work in the field of education depended, ultimately , from his secretariat – has also influenced. No; The reasons for which the party's executive is leaving and, therefore, the spokesman of the Balearic Regional Committee and the position of counselor in the General Council, are several and of a personal nature, like everyone, at the end. In any case, this is not the place or the time to expose them. Suffice it to say, by way of synthesis, that a company like the one to be part of the executive committee of a party that aspires to govern Spain in the not too distant future requires a motivation and an illusion much higher than I can have today .

So things, I just want to say goodbye to that future, the same for Citizens as for Spain, to be navigable.



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