Xavi: “If we win this League it will be the host”

Xavi: “If we win this League it will be the host”




Xavi Hernndez anticipates a difficult game in Vallecas this Wednesday (10:00 p.m.). The Barça coach warns of the strengths of Iraola’s team, of the size of the field and the words of Carlo Ancelotti are taken as praise when he says that eleven points is not the real distance between Madrid and Bara.

Sport Lightning difficulties

“Tomorrow’s game is complicated. I know it’s typical, but it’s a complicated field, smaller than normal. It’s the most intense, heaviest team in the category, in a good way. We generated few chances. Not yet we have won them with us staff. This team is a rock.”

Sport Eric

“It’s an option. Also Frenkie or Casad. We have several options and tomorrow we will decide.”

Sport Play in Vallecas

“We have warned that it will be very intense. It is the most intense rival in the category. They are aggressive and the distances are shorter because the pitch is smaller. It will be difficult”.

Sport Dembl y Christensen

“They are both perfect and they will return on Saturday.”

Sport What they achieve is valued

“I think so. When you see the people at the Camp Nou, who know about the difficulties we have gone through at the club… Nothing has been won yet. If we win this League, it won’t be the host. It will be the host”.

Sport Steps

“Each victory gives us more peace of mind because there will be one less day left. There are 24 left to play and we have an 11 difference. It is a significant distance but not definitive. Each victory is one more step”.

We are already classified for the Champions League. Remember last year…

Sport Rcords

“I don’t think about the records. In the nine goals or in those things. By the way, we are already classified for the Champions League in eight games. Remember last year. These are the comparisons.”

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Sport Help Thebes to register Messi?

“That is a question for the president of LaLiga. There are some rules and you have to comply with them.”

Sport Do you value?

“I understand all the circumstances. Each one looks out for their interests. Our objective is LaLiga, especially after losing in the Champions League. I think that Barcelona will value this League a lot if we win it”.

Sport Is that the actual distance?

“I agree with Ancelotti. He is absolutely right. That is not the real distance and that we are 11 points ahead of them is a great compliment for us.”

Sport Messi

“They haven’t told me anything. We are waiting for Rayo. An important war awaits us.”

Sport Train Messi?

“They are hypotheses that we are not contemplating right now. I like to talk about Leo, but this is not the time.”

Sport The gardener

“It makes me laugh. This is not from now. I’m not going to stop. Better a gardener than anything else. I take it as a joke. And that’s how it is. Let them call me many years. I won’t stop. In a few years we’ll get our hands on the head saying ‘when there was no effective time’, ‘when they could puddle the grass or put it high’…”

It makes me laugh when they call me the gardener

Sport The match

“I think we understood our philosophy well, our game model. This is what we are looking for and it will be difficult for us tomorrow. Having the ball will be difficult. There will be many rejections. I don’t see a brilliant match for the team.”

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Sport Continuity

“I have one more year on my contract. We’ve been talking. I have a very good relationship. There won’t be any kind of problem.”

Sport Ter Stegen

“For me it was an advantage to meet Marc. I know his personality, his method. He has worked a lot and was aware that he had to work. I would say that, to this day, he is the best goalkeeper in the world. Even more for what we want us. For me, him with the ball at his feet is pure tranquility”.

Sport Calculations for the Alirn

“I haven’t thought about it. What I want is to win it. We don’t think it’s easy. We have to be careful. I don’t care if I win it away or at home. Better at home, but what I want is to win it.”

Sport Gavi

“I didn’t get the feeling that they hit him more. He doesn’t run away from contact. He’s actually very strong. We tell him, when he has a yellow card, to be careful. The other day, with one from minute 1, he held up well” .

Sport win two matches

“If we win the next 9 points, it’s practically there, but we have to do it.”

Sport Lawn in Vallecas

“I hope that he is in the regulation measure and playing at 10:00 p.m., it favors us.”

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