Wylsacom on the “Grant”, Coca-Cola left the Russian Federation and Samsung smartphones do not work in Russia – Wylsacom

Another week has passed, Sunday is on the calendar, which means it’s time to write a digest.

A crisis

Coca-Cola announced its withdrawal from Russia:

Since 2015, the US Federal Agency for Global Media has been funding various VPN services so that users from countries where censorship is introduced have the opportunity to bypass it. Since February, the amount of funding has doubled. This is associated with Russian users:

They say that some Samsung smartphones imported by parallel import cannot be activated with Russian SIM cards:


Samsung Pay is everything. Instead, it will now be Wallet:

Refurbished iPhones got new boxes:

Honda decided to hit micromobility under a new brand:

Another laptop with E Ink display unveiled:

Converse continues to experiment with shoe formats in collaborations with various brands:

Other texts

Microsoft held another presentation, where they presented various games and add-ons:

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Valya Wylsacom bought a new LADA Granta Classic’22. He talks about this in the Wylsa Plus video. In the meantime, you can read about this car:



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