WWE NXT # 592 results & report from Orlando, Florida, USA from July 13th, 2021 (incl. Videos & voting)

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WWE NXT #592:
Ort: Capitol Wrestling Center im WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, USA
Date: July 13, 2021

The show opens with a graphic that is reminiscent of the late “Mr. Wonderful “Paul Orndorff, who passed away on Monday at the age of 71. After that, we’ll see highlights from last week’s NXT edition and hype videos for today.

Vic Joseph welcomes us with Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix by his side. We start right away with the first match.

1. Match
Singles Match
Dakota Kai (w / Raquel Gonzalez) wins against Ember Moon via pin after the GTK.
Match time: 12:59

After the match, Gonzalez and Kai celebrate in the ring until Xia Li comes out. She ignores Kai and tells Gonzalez that she is in her way. Gonzalez holds up her title and replies that hopefully Li will bring it if she wants the belt. Li nods and the two stare at each other.

We see a video of McKenzie Mitchell interviewing the Diamond Mine during the day. Malcolm Bivens hyped the group, he describes Roderick Strong as the best fighter, Tyler Rust as the greatest talent, Hideki Suzuki as the best coach and himself as the best manager. Bivens issues an Open Challenge because they want to make some money. Bobby Fish arrives and wants to accept the challenge. He looks aggressively at Strong, but Bivens says he will face Rust.

A video hyped the match between Ikemen Jiro and Duke Hudson in the first round of the breakout tournament, which will take place today.

We see Cameron Grimes begin his job as a butler at LA Knight. Grimes is late and gets a makeover first.

2. Match
Singles Match
Tyler Rust (w / Roderick Strong, Malcolm Bivens & Hideki Suzuki) wins against Bobby Fish after the roundhouse kick.
Match time: 02:42

– Fish initially had the match under control, but then messed with Rust’s companions. So Rust could attack from behind and win the match.

After the match, the Diamond Mine wants to continue attacking Fish, but Kushida makes the save.

We see Karrion Kross warming up, with him, as always, Scarlett. Samoa Joe arrives in referee clothing and reminds Kross of a few basic rules. Joe asks him if he understood everything, but Kross only takes care of his punching bag. Joe doesn’t accept that and hits the sack himself. Kross replies that he will take care of Joe if he costs him the match. Joe takes that as a yes.

We see The Way enter the building, Indi Hartwell a few yards behind the others. Beth Phoenix approached her and asked what happened to Dexter Lumis last week. Hartwell replied that he simply dropped her off backstage. While they both might want something else to happen, it wouldn’t have been the right time as they’d just lost the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. Phoenix said that sometimes you have to take risks.

3. Match
Singles Match
Sarray wins against Gigi Dolin (fka. Priscilla Kelly) via pin after a Saito suplex.
Match time: 03:26

– During the match, Mandy Rose suddenly stood on the ramp, which only disrupted the two opponents for a short time.

Immediately after the end of the match, Rose moved back to the backstage area.

Legado del Fantasma is backstage and Santos Escobar talks about Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and his North American title. Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde shot against Hit Row and its Championship Cypher rap song last week. You call them styleless. Escobar ends the promo by promising to beat Dexter Lumis today.

Duke Hudson is also briefly presented in a video.

4. Match
Singles Match
Santos Escobar (w / Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde) wins against Dexter Lumis via pin after the Phantom Driver.
Match time: 08:47

– Mendoza and Wilde intervened repeatedly and ultimately cost Lumis the victory.

After the match, Legado del Fantasma is confronted by Hit Row on the ramp and some niceties are exchanged.

We’re watching a sit-down interview by Wade Barrett and Kyle O’Reilly. They talked about his loss to Adam Cole last week. O’Reilly wondered where his killer instinct was. Barrett replied if O’Reilly had to do anything to beat Cole. Kyle said old Kyle was still somewhere. They will fight again in the future because Cole could not get away with what he says and does. He is the one who can and will stop Cole.

LA Knight gives Cameron Grimes some instructions, for example he should mow the lawn, but not with the wheeled mower, but with one that can be pushed. He also gives it a time limit.

We see Indi Hartwell help Dexter Lumis to his feet after his match and carry him to the ramp. But there she could no longer and put him down. She fell on top of him and tried to kiss him, something Candice LeRae could barely prevent.

5. Match
NXT Breakout Tournament Runde 1 Singles Match
Duke Hudson wins against Ikemen Jiro via pin after a big side walk slam.
Match time: 04:50

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan. Dunne makes it clear that he doesn’t care who wins today. He wants Mitchell to ask Gargano who the “baddest man” is at NXT and then goes to Kross to ask him how he liked takeover at the Triangle. He could beat both of them because he was the best technician. Thatcher asks Dunne if he really is. Dunne wants to know who wants to know. Tommaso Ciampa arrives and a brawl breaks out, which the security and officials can stop.

A review of The Way women’s title loss is shown.

6. Match
Tag Team Match
Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter win against Aliyah & Jessi Kamea (w / Robert Stone) via Pin from Catanzaro to Aliyah after the Neckbreaker / 450 combination.
Match time: 03:23

After the match, Stone tries to help his protégés, but Aliyah rejects him. She yells at him that she did a lot more for him than he did for her. She beats him up while Kamea looks at the whole thing. Franky Monet comes out and waves to Kamea.

Samoa Joe is now with Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory and Candice LeRae are also present. Gargano and Theory try to sneak in, but Joe is a professional and gives Gargano the same rules as Kross before. When Joe leaves the scene, we see Pete Dunne, who must have heard the whole thing.

Again we see LA Knight and Cameron Grimes. Grimes is now at the pool while a child mows the lawn. Knight isn’t happy about this, but Grimes says he’s a millionaire too, after all. He pays the kid a few hundred dollars, but Knight stops because children are forbidden on his property. The kid kicks Knight and Grimes puts him in the pool but makes it look like an accident.

Adam Cole comes out with a microphone in hand. He told us: he’s better than Kyle O’Reilly and he’s proven it. He is the biggest NXT superstar. He continues to pull on O’Reilly and gives him the tip to avoid Cole in order not to be exposed to further embarrassments. But now he wants to devote himself to Samoa Joe, who took him into the Coquina Clutch, but did nothing while O’Reilly attacked him. He’s not afraid of Joe. He, like everyone else, is more afraid of Adam Cole. The result is Bronson Reed. Since Cole is NXT’s “Golden Boy”, he regards him as a golden ticket. The two attack each other until Joe comes out and stops that.

Franky Monet is backstage with Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea. Monet says that the Robert Stone Brand no longer has to worry about Aliyah. Mandy Rose arrives and realizes that the group seems to be under new rule. Monet laughs and leaves, while Stone looks disappointed.

The matches Roderick Strong & Tyler Rust vs. Kushida & Bobby Fish and Raquel Gonzalez in a title fight against Xia Li are announced for the coming week.

7. Match
NXT Championship
Singles Match
Karrion Kross (w / Scarlett) wins against Johnny Gargano (w / Austin Theory) after an elbow strike in the back of the head.
Match time: 12:47

After the match, Joe wants to present Kross as the winner, but Kross breaks away from him. Joe tries to leave the ring after a brief battle of words, but is attacked from behind and loses consciousness in the Kross Jacket Submission. Scarlett and Kross have the title above Joe, and that ends today’s edition of NXT.

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