WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1195 results & report from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on 06/17/2022 (incl. voting and videos)

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1195
Ort: Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
U.S. Original Airdate: June 17, 2022
Spectators: approx. 5,200

Aside from a likely sacking of Sasha Banks, the big topic this week was more of a story involving Vince McMahon stepping down as Chairman and CEO of WWE (read why here). Today’s show also starts with said Vince McMahon. To much cheering from the fans, Mr. McMahon welcomes us to tonight’s SmackDown with the words “Then, Now, Forever, Together.” In the meantime, he has not commented on the allegations and circumstances surrounding his person.

With the show intro playing, we were now officially greeted by commentators Pat McAfee and Michael Cole before Riddle made his way to the ring. Riddle grabs a microphone and speaks to us. Before he defeats Roman Reigns and crowns himself the new WWE Undisputed Champion today, he wants to refresh our memories by sharing a video of the story between the two so far. Riddle had waited a long time for the opportunity. All his friends and family will be watching tonight. One of those people is his “best bro” Randy Orton. He tries to cheer Orton up and thanks him. But today it’s about his title chance. He will dedicate this to Orton and will even come out to his music.

Cole and McAfee bring us a recap of the events surrounding Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin as they meet in a Last Laugh Match today.

1. Match
Last Laugh Match
Madcap Moss defeated Happy Corbin via a pinfall after the punch line.
Match time: 10:47

After the match, Moss grabs a microphone and rubs it in Corbin’s face that he’s the last laugh.

Backstage we see the Street Profits from Monday Night Raw making a guest appearance on SmackDown tonight. They summarize the show so far and give their tip for today’s main event. Riddle! At Money in the Bank, the two plan to win the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships from the Usos.

Back in the ring. We now see Happy Corbin with a microphone. He says he’s known Pat McAfee for a long time, but he’s already noticed that Pat McAfee makes a lot of jokes about him. He warns McAfee that if McAfee doesn’t watch what he says, he’ll drag him into the ring. McAfee then takes off the headset and grabs a microphone instead. With this he manages to animate the crowd to laugh at Corbin. Corbin doesn’t like it at all and he’s leaving Halle. On the stage he meets The New Day, who also laugh at him.

After a commercial break, we see Natalya being interviewed. Natalya will defeat Ronda Rousey at Money in the Bank. If last week’s footage wasn’t enough to prove the Sharpshooter is WWE’s finest submission, she doesn’t know what is. She would like to speak to Ronda, but she is not here today. Natalya wants to be the first woman to make Rousey tap.

Now we are back in the hall for the next match.

2. Match:
Tag Team Match
The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) defeated Jinder Mahal & Shanky via a pinfall by Kofi Kingston at Jinder Mahal after Trouble in Paradise.
Match time: 02:30

After another commercial break, Drew McIntyre and Adam Pearce are in the ring. Meanwhile, the Brawling Brutes are in the Gorilla Position. Sheamus tells Holland and Butch to stay put before heading outside. Pearce reminds us that both Sheamus and McIntyre didn’t qualify for the Money in the Bank match. Drew interrupts Pearce and promises that if he doesn’t make this year’s Money in the Bank match, he’ll spank his ass today. Sheamus states that it would be wrong to put McIntyre in this match. Pearce shows us the outcome of last week’s qualifier match and shares that management made the decision to send Sheamus into the match. Sheamus hugs Pearce and then taunts McIntyre. Drew doesn’t take it and clotheslines Sheamus and a fight ensues. Pierce calms things down by telling McIntyre that he will also be in the ladder match.

We see Sami Zayn backstage in front of the Reigns dressing room. He tries to bring himself to knock on the door but is interrupted by Kayla Braxton. Zayn is questioned about his loss to Riddle and tells us he hasn’t spoken to anyone from the Bloodline since. But there would be no bad blood here. Zayn gives a short, confused stare before exiting the scene instead of knocking on the door.

For the upcoming match, Shayna Baszler and Lacey Evans head to the commentary booth.

3. Match
Money in the Bank Qualifier – Singles Match
Raquel Rodriguez defeated Shayna Baszler via a pinfall after the Tejana Bomb.
Match time: 03:00

In Pierce’s office we now see Max Dupri. He will not send his maximum male models to the ring today. Pierce promised him better lighting and better acoustics. Under these circumstances he cannot send them out.

We now see a recap of new Intercontinental Champion Gunther’s title win. Backstage, Kaiser Braxton picks up the microphone and eulogizes the ring general. The victory was inevitable. Gunther will give the title a new shine. Gunther ends the segment by letting us know that he’s the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Now it’s time for the main event.

4. Match
WWE Undisputed Universal Championship
Singles Match
Roman Reigns (w/ Paul Heyman) defeated Riddle via pinfall after the spear.
Matchzeit: ca. 16:00

After the match, Reigns grabs a microphone and states that there is no one left now. He said 2 years ago that he would finish everyone and then disappear. But there is one small thing. “Minneapolis… ACKNOWLEDGE ME!”. When Reigns wants to leave the ring, a very familiar music suddenly sounds. It’s Brock Lesnar! The two stare down before Lesnar offers a handshake. Reigns accepts this, but gets an F5 straight away. The Usos try to attack Lesnar, but also take an F5 each. Today’s show goes off air with a grinning Lesnar.


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